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The Mausoleum of the Uighurian Kings of Hami

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Situated in Huicheng Township, about 2 kilometers to the south of Hami city, the mausoleum was built in 1840, and the Uighurian kings Hami during the Qing Dynasty and their royal members were buried here. The most prominent tomb in the mausoleum is that of King Boxier, the 7th King of Hami. The tomb is about 18m high with a vault and in the shape of rectangle. There are columns at four corners, and the arched frontispiece faces west. The wall of the tomb is all decorated with glazed bricks and tiles. To its south are the tombs of the 9th King and his wife. The tombs are mainly in Islamic style with arched roof; meanwhile the characteristics of the timber structure with octagonal pavilion roof and Mongolian helmet roofs were adopted. 
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