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The Ruins of Rewak

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The Ruins of Rewak lies in the desert 50 kilometers northwest to Luopu County.“Rewak”means “pavilion”or “pavilion terrace”in Uyghur language,which is later used to refer to the side,because there was a high Stupa in the site,and it was also called “high house”.
In a spring day of the beginning of 20th century,when A,Stein came to the site,he recognised that it was a big stupa with its rectangular wall.And he said that it was the most attractive building he had seen in Hetian area and an important ruins according to the leftover of the broken relieves.Against strong wind he had local people to excavate the site.And when he and his assistant began to clear up the site,he found the major decorations on both of sites of walls were huge grey clay relieves of Buddha and Buddhavastta,and they could be classified into several categories and arr arranged in symmetrical line.And between huge Buddha sculptures were a small relief that was cither attendant or sacred man.
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