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Weather of the Silk Road

Most of China lies in the northern temperate zone, Characterized by distinctive seasons and a continental monsoon climate. From September to April following year dry and cold monsoons blow from Siberia and The Mongolian Plateau, resulting in cold and dry winters, and great differences between the temperatures of North and Northwest of China.
The northwest has hot but dry summers. Xinjiang, in the far northwest, is just as cold as the rest of northern China during the winters.
In Turpan basin, though summer is blisteringly hot with temperatures going up to 118 Fahrenheit degrees Celsius( 48 Degree Celsius), it's also the peak travel time and when the town moves into full swing to cater to tourists. Though spring may be cooler, there are often sandstorms that are much harder to deal with than the heat. Autumn is probably the ideal time to be here though the winter can come on fast, bringing with it the biting cold of the desert. Every 25th August there’s the annual Silk Road Turpan Grape and Festival at the Turpan Travel and Culture Square.
Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
-9~-1℃ 10~0℃ 16~6℃ 26-13℃ 32~20℃ 40~26℃ 40~26℃ 40~26℃ 36~22℃ 39~13℃ 17~4℃ -3~-8℃
Be generous with sunscreen during the summer when temperatures can soar above 104 Fahrenheit degrees Celsius( 40 Degree Celsius). Alternately, dress sensibly, in winter when temperatures can drop to-13 Fahrenheit degrees Celsius (25 Degree Celsius ). All of China is tuned to Beijing time, but for practical purposes, operating hours in Kashgar are about 2 hours behind the shown time. For example, shops will open at 11 AM instead of 9 AM and dinner will be eaten at 8 PM rather than 6 PM.
Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
-7~-10℃ -4~7℃ 16~6℃ 26-13℃ 27~14℃ 32~18℃ 32~19℃ 32~19℃ 26~12℃ 20~5℃ 9~-3℃ -3~-8℃

The best time to visit Dunhuang is from April to October. In summer the sun is very strong and the temperature is between 28 to 41 Degree Celsius, so the sunscreen is essential.
In winter it’s very cold, the temperature is between -15 to -30.5 Degree Celsius, so bring plenty of warm clothes.
Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
-9~3℃ -12~3℃ 12~-2℃ 20-8℃ 27~11℃ 34~18℃ 34~18℃ 32~15℃ 26~10℃ 20~2℃ 10~-4℃ -2~-14℃

As the start of the Silk Road, Xi'an is a warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with distinct cold, warm, dry and wet seasons. In winter the The annual average temperature is between -1. 2℃ to 0. 0℃, in summer the average temperature is between 26. 3℃ to 26. 6℃. 
Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
9~-5℃ 9~0℃ 16~6℃ 24-13℃ 27~15℃ 32~20℃ 32~20℃ 32~20℃ 27~18℃ 18~9℃ 10~2℃ 3~-5℃
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