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Silk Road Buddhism Culture Exploration Map
Day 1   Urumqi 

Today your international flight will touch down in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. we will pick you up from the airport and bring you to downtown Urumqi, Relax during the rest time of the day to recover from the jet leg.
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Day 2   Urumqi  Heavenly Lake (120kms, 1.5hrs driving)

Morning your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Urumqi, we will drive about 1.5 hours to our first stop Heavenly Lake, a picturesque Alpine lake, 2000m up in the Tianshan mountain range. The lake is clear and calm, it can reflect the Muztagata Mountains and shows different colors with the change of sunlight, which is very beautiful. you can spend a few hours walk around the lake or take a boat to explore the depths of the lake and Tianshan Mountain. thereafter, we will drive back to Urumqi and tour at the Xinjiang regional museum to see archaeological treasures from the Silk Road and Xinjiang's minority cultures. Next our guide will accompany you to go sightseeing in Xinjiang International Bazaar, the largest bazaar in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine. 
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Heavenly Lake   Xinjiang Grand Bzaar
          Heavenly Lake                                                      Xinjiang Grand Bzaar

Day 3   Urumqi  Turpan (200kms, 3hrs driving)

Today you will finish your visit in Urumqi and drive to Turpan, an important town on the Silk Road. See the largest wind power station in China along the highway. Arrive in Turpan, you will take two hours to explore the Tuyoq Village, which is the oldest surviving Uygur village in Xinjiang. you can see the culture of Buddhism and Islam here. then we will proceed to visit the Bezeklik Grottoes, it has always been the Buddhist Center of Gaochang area, there are 57 existing caves and murals for you to visit. afterwards, continue your tour to Flaming Mountain, the hottest place in China, Enjoy the marvelous view made by red granites reflecting the heat and glow of the desert, follow the footsteps of Tangsanzang to learn its story.  Afternoon, bus transfer to downtown, we will visit the Karez Well, which is special kind of irrigation system consisting of vertical wells, underground canals, ground canals and waterlogging pond. here you can not only visit this ancient irrigation system, but also get rid of the heat of summer. Finally, we are going to Jiaohe Ruins, the essence of Turpan with a long history over 2,000 years. upon arrival, spend couple hours to wander around this ancient city, and pursue the past civilization along the ancient Silk Road.
Accommodation: In Turpan

Flaming Mountain   Flaming Mountain
Bezekilk Grottoes                                                  Flaming Mountain

Day 4   Turpan  Dunhuang   D56(09:36-13:05)

Say farewell to this ancient city as you will take the express train to Dunhuang, the famous historical and cutural city on the Hexi Corridor. After 3.5 hours of the train, we will pick you up from the Liuyuan train station and take you to visit the Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake, the Echoing Sand Mountain named for the musical sounds heard when even a light wind blows through the dunes, stroll around the Sand Mountain, listen to the sound of the desert, you also can experience the camel riding if you are interested here. then we will go to the Crescent Lake along the desrt, named for the half-moon shape the lake forms around the south side of Dunhuang City. you can explore the lake which located in the desert and take a photo. And evening, you can rest, relax and enjoy the Shazhou Night Market,  the most bustling place of Dunhuang at night, hunt for some local food and fruits or buy some souvenirs for your families and friends.
Accommodation: In Dunhuang

Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake   Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake                                                           Camel Riding

Day 5   Dunhuang  Jiayuguan   (350kms, 4.5hrs driving)

The first attarction for today is the UNESCO World Heritage site Mogao Grottoes. after breakfast, we will arrive here according to the time of booking and start your visit to the Dunhuang Grotto protection and Exhibition center, where you can learn about the rich history of this awe inspiring network of 492 temples along the China Silk Road. enjoy the Silk Road Movies in Mogao Grottoes Visitor Center, then we will start to explore the Grottoes. after visit, we will drive about 3.5 hours to the next city Jiayuguan. with a stop on the way to Yulin Grottoes, where you'll find brightly colored artwork depicting 1,000 years of Chinese cultureYulin Grottoes. then we will continue drive to Jiayuguan and transfer to the comfortable hotel upon arrival. The journey and time spent today will be longer that other days, but your harvest is also the most.
Accommodation: In Jiayuguan

Mogao Grottoes   Yulin Grottoes
Mogao Grottoes                                                      Yulin Grottoes

Day 6   Jiayuguan  Zhangye   (223kms, 2-3hrs driving)

This morning, we will pick you up from the hotel in Jiayuguan and bring you to visit the Jiayuguan Pass, one of the most intact parts of the Great Wall and a key point on the China Silk Road, this defense station is still complete with ramparts, turrets and eaves. then we will pay a visit to a large tomb complex of Wei and Jin dynasties (220 - 420), also named Wei-Jin Art Gallery. These tombs are famous for numerous brick murals with bright colors and vivid images. Stories and scenes depicted on the bricks are mostly about farming, planting, banquets, travel and army life.
In the afternoon, we will take about 2-3 hours drive to Zhangye Danxia Geological National Park, a paradise for photographers and geological enthusiasts. enjoy the sunset of the Rainbow Mountain.
Accommodation: In Zhangye

Jiayuguan Pass   Zhangye Rainbow Mountain
 Jiayuguan Pass                                                       Zhangye Danxia

Day 7   Zhangye  Wuwei   (241kms, 3hrs driving)

Today our trip will start to the Giant Buddha Temple,  you will see the most intriguing ancient artwork on the China Silk Road, including the Giant Buddha itself, lying inside the temple at 34.5 meters (about 113 feet) long and 7.5 meters (about 25 feet) wide. then on to explore the Mati Temple, According to the legend, a horse (Chinese Pegasus) from the heaven once left a mark of horse hooves on the ground at here, and thus the temple got its name. The surroundings of Mati Temple are beautiful. The green hills and waters, peculiar peaks and religion caves are the most famous things of Mati Temple. from here you will enjoy the beautiful scenery, appreciate the art of the Grottoes and learn the folk customs of Yugu people. Later head to visit the Wooden Pagoda Temple, it is the only pagoda that remains in Zhangye. then we will set on a trip to the next stop of your Silk Road tour package, Wuwei by our private vehicle. 
Accommodation: In Wuwei

Zhangye Great Temple   Matis Temple
Giant Buddha Temple                                                     Mati Temple

Day 8   Wuwei  Lanzhou  (241kms, 3hrs driving)

This morning we will visit the Confucious’s Temple, which is also known as Holy Temple or Confucian Temple. known as “the Top among the Academies in Longxi.” Confucious’ Temple, facing the south, is composed of three sets of buildings, the east, the central and the west. Then head to Leitai Han Tomb, it is a large brick-and-stone structure built during the late Eastern Han Dynasty. A total of two hundred and twenty one pieces of relics were unearthed from the tomb including gold, sliver, copper, iron, bone, stone and pottery. Later, we are going to Tiantishan Grottoes, also known as Temple of Giant Buddha, after many generations of digging and building, the grotto caves became so impressively huge with majestic structures. Hence, some scholars named it “originator of Chinese Grottoes”. after the visit, you will be transferred to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu.
Accommodation: In Lanzhou

Leitai Han Tomb   Tiantishan Grottoes
   Leitai Han Tomb                                                     Tiantishan Grottoes

Day 9   Lanzhou 

Morning we will drive about 3hrs to visit the Binglingsi Grottoes which is close to Liujiaxia Reservoir, These caves stretch for 200 meters, were built during the Western Qin, North Wei, Sui, Tang, and Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties (between the 3rd and 18th centuries). Afternoon, we will be visiting Gasu Museum, which is the biggest comprehensive museum in the province. It is one of the best sights in the city and a visit is well worthwhile. then head to enjoy the scenery of Yellow River Mother Sculpture, The sculpture comprises a mother and a baby, the mother with long hair, slim figure, lying on the undulating water looking happy and kind. Resting on her breast is a small child smiling naively.
Accommodation: In Lanzhou

Binglingsi Grottoes    Yellow River Mother Sculpture
                Binglingsi Grottoes                                             Yellow River Mother Sculpture

Day 10   Lanzhou  Tianshui   D2656(09:12-10:29)

This day begins with taking the Bullet Train to Tianshui- the first significant Silk Road city located along the Wei River. It's about a 1.5 hours train ride into the city. there you will be visiting the Maji Mountain Grottoes, a network of caves and walkways carved into the cliffside, adorned in colorful Buddhist artwork within. It is famous for its exquisite clay sculpture art. Afternoon, continue the visiting to Fuxi Temple, One of the famous ancient buildings in Northwest China, also known as Taihao Palace, as well as Renzhong Temple. Ten historic buildings in the temple include the theatrical stage, archways, the main gate, the instrumental gate, Congenital Temple, Taiji Temple, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, and Laihe Hall. Here is the best place to learn the Fuxi culture. then bus transfer to the hotel, you will spend the night in Tianshui and depart in the morning
Accommodation: In Tianshui

Maji Mountain Grottoes   Fuxi Temple
Maji Mountain Grottoes                                              Fuxi Temple

Day 11   Tianshui  Luoyang   G834(09:30-13:01)

Morning breakfast at the hotel, then you will be transferred to the train station to take the express train to Luoyang. Upon arrival, travel to Shaolin Temple, This temple is shrouded in legend and mystery. The origin of martial arts and kungfu is part of the mystique of Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin monks. This is probably the most famous temple in China, not only because of its long history and its role in Chinese Buddhism, but also because of its martial arts or Wushu. 
Accommodation: In Luoyang

Shaolin Temple   Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Temple                                                            Shaolin Temple

Day 12   Luoyang  Xi'an   G1933(19:13-20:31)

This morning we will meet you at the hotel lobby and bring you to visit the White Horse Temple, It was the first Buddhist temple in China, established under the patronage of Emperor Ming in the Eastern Han capital Luoyang in the year 68. Since White Horse Temple, Buddhism monasteries in China traditionally began to be called 'temple'. White Horse Temple also as a result was ever since regarded as the cradle land of Buddhism in China. After that, we will visit the Longmen Grottoes, Located near Luoyang, Henan Province, the Longmen Grottoes are a treasure house of ancient Buddhist cave art. Live cultural relics lie amid green mountains and serpentine rivers.
Thereafter, transfer to the train station to take the express train to Xi'an.
Accommodation: In Xi'an

White Horse Temple   Longmen Grottoes
White Horse Temple                                              Longmen Grottoes

Day 13   Xi'an 

Full day sightseeing in Xi'an, we will head to our first stop Terracotta Warriors, the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. It was built by Emperor Qinshihuang (259 BC - 210 BC), the first emperor, who united the nation in ancient times. This huge project took his whole life. The life-sized terracotta army demonstrates his ambition to be realized in the nether world.  then we will drive back to downtown Xi'an and visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, it is said that Big Wild Goose Pagoda was designed and supervised by Xuanzang, the pagoda was first used to enshrine Sanskrit classic and Buddhist relics which were brought from India by himself. the Pagoda has 7 floors in total. Architecture is traditional Chinese style decorating with some Buddha statues. you can see the whole Xi’an city at the top floor.
Accommodation: In Xi'an

Terracotta Warriors   Big Wild Goose Pagoda
            Terracotta Warriors                                                 Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Day 14   Xi'an 

Today you will be transferred to the train station and take the express train to Xi'an, we will head to visit the Shaanxi History Museum, This provincial museum is one of the major museums in China. It holds numerous unearthed cultural artifacts from within the Shaanxi province as well as the rest of China. then stroll around the Ancient City Wall, the most intact ancient wall on the China Silk Road. During the Ming dynasty, this was one of the most impressive military defense systems in the world where you can choose to have a walk tour or bicycle tour on the wall. thereafter, proceed to the Muslim Street, enjoy your free time and delicious food in Xi'an.
Accommodation: In Xi'an

Shaanxi History Museum   Muslim Street
Shaanxi History Museum                                                 Muslim Street

Day 15   Xi'an 

Today you will end your enjoyable tour in China and say goodbye to everyone, we will arrange the airport transfer for you, wish you a pleasant journey home.

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