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Xinjiang is the largest province in China which is about 1.6million square kilometers, endowed with numerous historical sites and picturesque landscape as well as the colorful folklore customs.

The Three-Immortal Caves

The Three-Immortal Caves

The Three-Immortal Caves Located in a steep cliff on the southern bank of the Hakmark River in Artux Township 18 kilometers to the southwest of Artux City. It consists of three caves side by side in the cliff, local people call it “Tokuz-Ukla Caves”...

Kizil Thousand Budda Caves

Kizil Thousand Budda Caves

7 kilometers southeast to Kizil Town of Baichen County and 60 kilometers east to Kucha County, Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves are seen on the cliffs of Querdagh Mountain. Two forms of rock caves exist here: monk houses for monks to live in and to sit in medi...

Bezeklik Caves

Bezeklik Caves

Bezeklik Caves, also known as the Bizaklik Thousand-Buddha Caves, is located in a gorgeous valley of the Flaming Mountains. More than 100 caves were hewn out of this cliff face between the 6th and 9th centuries by Buddhist monks who farmed the valley ...

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