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xinjiang Jinghe Obo
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xinjiang Jinghe Obo

xinjiang Jinghe Aobao is located in the northeast of Jinghe County. It is 8 km away from Jinghe County. Its geographic coordinates are 82?59, 44?39, and 227 meters above sea level. It was built in July 1994 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bozhou and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the celebration of the 11th Living Buddhist Panchen Erdeni Giljianzans passing through Jinghe River and th...

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Zhang Qians mission to the Western Regions
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Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions

The Western Regions or Xiyu was historical name specified in Chinese chronicles between the 3 rd century BC to the 8 th century AD that referred to the regions west of Yumen Pass, most often Central Asia or sometimes more specifically the easternmost portion of it (e.g. Altishahr or the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang), though it was sometimes used more generally to refer to other regions to west...

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Xian Daming Palace National Heritage Park is located
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Xi'an Daming Palace National Heritage Park is located

Daming Palace National Heritage Park is located in South Taihua Road, Xian City, Shaanxi Province, is the World cultural heritage and National key cultural unit. it was built in Tangtaizong Zhenguan eight years(634 AD). Daming Place was the symbol of Tang dynasty, and it was the most largest and magnificent palace complex in the world. The palace was built in the early of Tang Dynasty, however it w...

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Gao Courtyard is locate in North Xian Guangji Street
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Gao Courtyard is locate in North Xi'an Guangji Street

Gao Courtyard is locate in North Guangji Street , covering an area of 4.2 acres, with a total living area of 2,517 square metres, it has 86 houses, and 56 of which rooms are opening to outsider. The courtyard was built in Chongzheng period of Ming Dynasty, it is more than 400 years ago. Gao Yue Song, he is a host of this courtyard, however his father Gao Jing Qing is a local well-known squire, hes...

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Xian Beiyuan men Islamic street is a famous gourmets
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Xi'an Beiyuan men Islamic street is a famous gourmets

Beiyuan men Islamic street is a famous gourmet street in Xian . The north courtyard gate of Huis Street was the local authority of Qing Dynasty. It was named Beiyuan because the governor Yamen of Shaanxi was in the north of Drum-tower. In the late 1990s, some Hui people rented houses and managed food and beverage in this street, since then Beiyuan Gate became Hui street. Beiyuan men Islamic street...

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Why take the silk road tour in China
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Why take the silk road tour in China

The process of linking nomadic grasslands to a mutually reinforcing and interconnected world is reinforced by Chinas growing ambitions. During the Han Dynasty, the wave of expansion pushed Chinas borders into wider territory and gradually reached what was then called the Western Regions, todays Xinjiang.The site is located in Gansus Hexi Corridor, a 600-mile-long passage connecting the hinterland o...

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Xi‘an City, Big&Small Wild Goose Pagoda
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Xi‘an City, Big&Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Xi an In ancient China of the Han and Tang Dynasties, an international trade throughfare, ever binding Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and others all over the Europe together and bring about enormous influence on developing foreign relations as well started from Changan (i.e. Xian city, nowadays), the capital for both the Han and Tang Dynasties, and then went west with large quantities of comm...

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Loulan - A disappeared Kindom
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Loulan - A disappeared Kindom

Traveling in the northeastern direction from Miran and passing through a saline plain for over 240 kilometers, one will arrive at a mysterious place with such exciting things as the ancient Loulan Kingdom which disappeared mysteriously for a long time and whose ruins were found afterwards, Lop Nur Lake, once the biggest lake in Xinjiang, which roved around and dried out, and todays sight of desplat...

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