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Apak Hoja Mazaar

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Apak Hoja Mazzar, is called fragrant princess tomb too. It among the about 5 kilometers northeast of Keshen village, this one Islam holy mausoleum of descendants, around being established in A.D. 1640, it is said that buried five generations with the same family and amounted to 72 people in the tomb, there are 58 tomb tombs, among them include " fragrant princess " of Emperor Qianlong's beloved princess too . Ask jade plain Pu Huo add one famous folk actor while being the 1st generation of, he one pious Moslem religionist too. Propagate the rotten thought that teaches then in Iraq while propagating art too. After he die, eldest son Huo, handkerchief of A, add undertaking of preaching to inherit father, area obtain white mountain commander right that send in Keshen, head who was becoming the 17th century, famous white mountain of Islam was sent. And has carried off the regime of Qiang imperial court of the leaf for a time, has become the policy of South Sinkiang area and taught and ruled people while unifying at most.  Huo, handkerchief of A, add behind the death 1693 year, bury with his father among the same mausoleum, because popularity surmounted his father, so people call Huo, handkerchief of A, add tombs.  Built it for the scale of today in 1872. The whole cemetery park is a group of very exquisite ancient buildings, include teaching and passing the hall in the mausoleum, the large mosque, the arch over a gate, pond and orchard,etc., the fragrant princess' tomb mound is set up in the northeast corner of the platform, use and link in front of the grave gently, Chinese is written with her name, there is a large stretch of grave behind the mausoleum, the scenery is very grand. Add like Huo, handkerchief of A, flax such as the tomb pitch, become one party Holy Land that religious believers pay homage to already. " pitch roughly "  ,The transliteration of Arabic, it means " the Holy Land " , " saint's tomb "  . The ones that believe in the various nationalities of Islam and say in Xinjiang "  Pitch roughly " ,Refer to the grave in general openly. The grave of religious celebrity or sweat king in some local history, is often deified by the descendant, become flax with religious meaning to pitch. So, the funeral of the Uygur nationality is influenced by religion, it is buried at noon that usually die in the morning, died a morning and appeared to bury late. Coffin pit profound all 2, about 1 meter wide frank hole, frank hole west wall dig every one for bow-shaped leaning towards the hole, lay the north of corpse head, a piece of the west in leaning towards the hole in the south of foot, then close it with the soil lump along the mouth, break ground and fill and lead up the straight hole, fill out into fish's back shape tomb and pile on the ground. People have the third to die, on the seventh, on the 40th, on anniversary of the death in the first anniversary, it is " diligent " that relatives should pass on each anniversary of the death ,Ask the ahung to chant scriptures, in order to express the condolence of relatives.
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