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The Introduction of Changji

Located at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, and bounded on the northeast by the People's Republic of Mongolia, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, about 30 km west of Urumqi City; it has under its jurisdiction two cities of Changji and Fukang and six counties of Manas, Hutubi, Miquan, Qitai, Mulei, and Jimsar. Generally, it was the second leg of the travel admission in Northern Xinjiang.

What to Visit in Changji?
Heavenly Lake, lies on the north side of the Bogda Peak, it is a natural alpine lake shaped like a half-moon. Surrounded by snow mountains with green spruce, the lake is like a sapphire falling from the sky, which has drawn streams of tourists.
Many people don’t know there are a border road port in Changji. This is the Ulastai Port. Ulastai means poplar trees in Mongolian. The port is located in Beitashan Ranch, about 250 kilometers far from the north of the Qitai County, bordering the Mongolia.
Qitai Ghost Castle is a mysterious masterpiece of natural phenomenon. It is said that whenever the wind rises at night, the city will make a gloomy sound, which is quite scary. Therefore, people call this place the Devil City.
Jiangbulake Grassland is located on the south of Qitai County. and it is beautiful natural scenery composed of grasslands, forests and snowy mountains.
There is a hoofed animals reserve at the state level: the Kalarnaili Mountain Hoofed Animals Reserve, for visit, exploration and scientific investigation.

Climate and Weather of Changji:

Changji has a continental arid climate, with intensive sunshine, great temperature variations between day and night. The annual average temperature is 6.8℃, the average temperature in winter is -15.6℃, the average temperature in summer is 24.5℃, and the yearly rainfall is 190 mm. Meanwhile, from June - October is the best time to visit the Prefecture.

                                   Annual Temperature of the Year/℃ ( High-Low )

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun.
-12/-22 -10/-22 -4/-17 15/1 19/7 25/12
Jul. Aug. Sept Oct. Nov. Dec.
27/16 27/15 19/5 9/-2 -1/-12 -12/-21

History of Changji:

Changji is an essential way from the ancient Silk Road to Central Asia and European countries. In the Han Dynasty, here was the place where the six kingdoms in northern mountains occupied. In the Tang Dynasty, the Beiting Grand Protector -General Government was set up here. In the Yuan Dynasty, the Executive Chancery of Beishibali was set up. The Changji Hui Autonomous Prefeclure is founded in 1954, the Changji City is its capital.

How to Get to Changji:

* Changji is 38 kilometers from Urumqi city, and 18 kilometers from Urumqi International Airport.
* Driving Urumqi to Heavenly Lake, Changji takes an hour and a half (92.4km).

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