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Bortala Mongol Travel Guide

Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, located in the northwest of Xinjiang; in Mongolian, Bortala means "silver grassland", it is at the west part of Junggar Basin and shares a 372-kilometre border with Kazakhstan to the north. The region has under its jurisdiction Bole City and two counties of Jinghe and Wenquan. Nowadays, Bortala has a population of 500,000, consisting of 35 ethnic groups, including Mongolian, Han, Hui, Uyghur and Kazakh.

What to Visit in Bortala?

When you come to Bortala, you can view all of the stupendous scenery including Sayram Lake, Guozigou, Alataw Pass (Alashankou), The Fantastic Stone Gorge and Haritureg National Forest Park, etc.
As an iconic attraction of Bortala, Sayram Lake, a 40-minute drive from Bole, the capital city in Bortala, is dubbed "the last year of the Atlantic Ocean," is considered a holy lake by ancient residents.
Considered as the most fantastic scenes in Xinjiang, Guozigou Bridge is the most spectacular and modern bridge on the National Highway 045 from Sayram Lake to Guozigou Expressway.
Alataw Pass (Alashankou) is a trade hub that borders Kazakhstan. At present, the second "Eurasian Continental Bridge" is through the prefecture and then leads into the Commonwealth of the Independent States and the occident. Bortala will certainly become a significant window for our country to open to the west.
The Fantastic Stone Gorge is the largest strange stone group in West China.
Haritureg National Forest Park is a perfect summer resort located at the south foot of the Alataw Mountain, which combined prairies, valleys, and forests.

Climate and Weather of Bortala:

Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture has a temperate continental climate that is characterized by arid weather, long sunlight hours and great temperature variations between day and night. The annual average temperature is 3.7-7.4℃, and the frost-free period is 153-195 days. From June to early October is the best time to tour around.

                                            Annual Temperature of the Year/℃ ( High-Low )

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun.
-15/-26 -10/-21 11/2 15/3 20/10 30/17
Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
31/15 28/10 21/10 17/5 0/-8 -9/-20

History of Bortala :
Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture was a main communication centre on the Silk Road in ancient times and is a significant hub on the current Belt and Road. Eastern and Western cultures have long been communicating and blending in Bortala.
Founded in 1954, the region has rich natural resources on its 27,200 square kilometres of land.

How to Get to Bortala:

There are three ways to get to Bortala: Flight, Train and Driving.

Go to Bortala By Air:

Flight from Urumqi to Bole Airport ( Tianjin airlines operation ), the airfare is from 150-300usd/pp include tax.
Bole Airport is about 18 kilometres to the east of the city, 425 kilometres to Urumqi, and the flight time is about 1 hour.

Go to Bortala By Train:

Bole Railway Station is located in Bole City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, 29 kilometers away from Alashankou  Railway Station and 50 kilometers away from Bortala Station.
Alataw Pass ( Alashankou ) is 70 kilometers from urban area, and the train station is the terminal station of Lanxin Railway
Jinghe station is about 401 kilometres away from Urumqi Railway Station, and take the train from Urumqi - Jinghe ( the train fare is 62.5 - 166 CNY/pp include tax ).

Drive to Bortala:

1. Wutai - Bole City - Alashankou, about 109 kilometers
2. Driving from Yining to Bortala takes about 3 hours and 22 minutes ( 228 km ).
3. Driving from Urumqi to Bortala takes about 6 hours and 32 minutes ( 520 km ).

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