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Urumqi Restaurants Suggested

Xinjiang's delicious snacks are rich in national characteristics, a wide range of varieties and pure taste. The vast desert and vast grassland in the frontier area outside the fortress have a variety of customs, which make many people yearn for leisurely. Most of the tourists who come to Xinjiang for sightseeing have the desire to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the desert snow mountain and taste the delicacies of Xinjiang.Here are some restaurant we suggest when you come to Urumqi.

Xinjiang first Plate (新疆第一盘)
Almost satisfied our fantasies about big plate chicken, Xinjiang first dish have broke the Guinness World Record, when big plate chicken is served up, the quantity of the chicken is quite frightening; the flavour of the chicken is Fragrant and tender, green pepper crisp; the steamed bun soaked in soup is very delicious and tender.
The environment and services in this restaurant are very mediocre, but there are many people who come here to eat every day.
Special cuisine: Big plate chicken and yogurt.
Location: No.117 Nanhu North Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi.
Consumption per person: 53 RMB

Hot Pot Hot (火宴山)
As one of the well-known hot pot restaurant in Xinjiang, the Hot Pot Hot buffet hotpot restaurant is quite popular. When you enter the restaurant, you will understand what is the real definitions of excitement. Not only is there a dazzling variety of delicacies here, but also the quality is excellent, which will definitely satisfy you.
Special cuisine : Ice cream, seafood, sushi, cakes, kbac, hot pot, roast steamed buns, balls, watermelon, salmon, Tripe, Spiced chicken with chili sauce, prawns, fruits and mutton.
Location: 2nd Floor, 1 Mingyuan Road (near Friendship South Road)
Consumption per person: 72 RMB

Xiao Ga Zi (小尕子)
It is said Xiao Ga Zi is the most popular Muslim restaurant in Urumqi. It have a high popularity and a great environment, furthermore it has singing and dancing performances.
Xiao Ga Zi’s yoghourt tastes delicious. It contains raisins, peanuts and sesame seeds, which is quite tasty.
Special cuisine: Lamb roast steamed bun, small bowl of tofu, steamed bread, roast steamed bread, scrambled green pepper with aubergine, spicy hoof, yoghourt, Spiced chicken with chili sauce, roast mutton chop and kebab etc.
Location: West Mingyuan Road, Ground floor of Huoyanshan
Consumption per person: 67 RMB

Arba’s Nang (阿布拉的馕)
I have to say that the business of this shop is really good. The Nang out of the oven is quite attractive, it is covered with dense sesame seeds, just bite it, you will find that it smell of wheat and sesame fills the mouth, which is quite unforgettable.
Special cuisine: Nang
Location: No. 104 Northwest Road, Shaibak District, Urumqi
Consumption per person: 17 RMB

Sunshine Green Island Eco-Hotel (阳光绿岛生态酒店)
The environment is very comfortable, the Muslim dishes are quite authentic and cost-effective. Suitable for family gatherings and business banquets.
Special cuisine: Various dishes and desserts
Location: No.229 Nanhu East Road
Consumption per person: 93 RMB

Quanjude (全聚德)
Quanjude is located on Yangtze River Road, its location is easy to find. the interior decoration of the restaurant is quite elegant and appropriate. It belongs to the Chinese classical architectural style.
Bejing Roast duck is the sign of a restaurant, it is very tasty, which cannot compare with other restaurants.
Special cuisine: Bejing Roast Duck, Sweet pea purée, Spiced duck's gizzard and duck soup to name just a few.
Location: No.271 Yangze River Road
Consumption per person: 94 RMB
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