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Urumqi Hotels Suggested

Urumqi Hotels: with the 15years experience, we have clear mind of select the suitable hotels in Urumqi for our clients. Here are some good hotels in the downtown we used which rate is very good. We also can book the hotel for you with better rate than other platform. Contact Us

► Tourist Hotel

Hami hotel   Hami Hotel  
   Rank :                              
   Address :  68 Xibei Road (Xibei Lu) Saybagh District Urumqi China

Atour Hotel   Atour Hotel
   Rank :   
   Address : No.185 Minzhu Road Tianshan District Urumqi China

Xinjiang Training Center of CNPC.jpg   Xinjiang Training Center of CNPC
   Rank :   
   Address :  No.91 Youhao South Road Saybagh District Urumqi China

► Comfortable Hotel

Yilite Hotel   Yilite Hotel
   Rank :     
   Address : 352 Changjiang Road (Changjiang Lu) Saybagh District Urumqi China

Bingtuan Grand Hotel   Bingtuan Grand Hotel
   Rank :     
   Address : No.551 Youhao South Road Saybagh District Urumqi China

Hoi Tak Hotel   Hoi Tak Hotel
   Rank :     
   Address : No.219 Jiangkang Road Tianshan District Urumqi China

► Luxurious Hotel

Universal Hotel Urumqi   Universal Hotel Urumqi
   Rank :      
   Address : No.76 Beijing South Road Xinshi District Urumqi China

Hongfu Hotel   Luxemon Xinjiang Hongfu Hotel
   Rank :     
   Address : No.160 Wuyi Road Saybagh District Urumqi China

Hilton   Hilton Hotel
   Rank :     
   Address : No. 1237 Hongguang Hill Road, Midong District, Urumqi Xinjiang

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