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Best Time to Urumqi

Welcome to Urumqi. It is frequent question from our clients: when is the best time to Xinjiang. While there are 2 best time to Urumqi One is from mid April to June and the other is from mid Aug to the end of Oct.

Travel in Urumqi and surround area From mid of April to end of June
April is the time of apricot flower in Turpan.
The average temperature during the day is 16 C. Suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual clothes, jackets, suits, thin sweaters and other warm clothes are recommended. ,
While it is about 6C. It is recommended to wear windbreakers, overcoats, jackets, sweaters, sweaters, suits, cold-proof clothes and other warm clothes.

If you come to Urumqi during the May and June, you can not only see good scenery, but also eat a lot of fruit in Xinjiang, such as: small white apricots in Kuqa, strawberries and so on.and the weather is super pleasant
May: During the day, it is 23 C. It is recommended to wear cool and breathable clothes such as cotton and linen shirts, thin skirts, thin T-shirts and so on. ,
At night, the average temperature is 12 C. Suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual clothes, jackets, suits, thin sweaters and other warm clothes are recommended.

Travelers are always curious if the weather of July is proper for them to travel Xinjiang due to the very hot weather. While early July is the very best time to travel to visit the vast grassland (Nanshan Pastureland) covered by the beautiful flowers,Rapeseed and sunflower run down to the foot of the snow mountain. Herds of cattle and sheep stroll leisurely, horses gallop in the grassland. Sweet fruit season is coming, watermelons, Jiashigua, Kawaz juice, ice cream and so on.

Travel Urumqi is August and September in autumn, when the weather has begun to cool and melons and fruits are ripe. What is more important for travelers from afar?
Geographically, Urumqi is the farthest city from the ocean in the world. It has a continental arid climate in the middle temperate zone. The hottest average temperature in July and August is 25.7 C.

Visit Urumqi in Oct and Nov, enjoy the golden autumn of Urumqi.The streets of Urumqi are especially beautiful with autumn leaves. People either sit on benches to enjoy the warm autumn sun, or walk into the park, in this holiday, seize the last touch of gold in late autumn.

In all, because of the large temperature difference between day and night in Urumqi, a sweater or jacket should be prepared to carry even in the hottest months. In May, June, September and October, sweaters, coats or windbreakers should be brought along. Before April and after November, you must wear thick woolen overcoat or down jacket.
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