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The Silk Road Beef Noodles

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Enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food when you take the silk road tour. Lamian (Noodles) is the major food for the people in the west part of China.
where you can tasty the best beef noodles in Lanzhou and Xi’an? Here are some suggestions for you. First, let us some history of the Chinese Noodles.
The history of the Chinese Noodle
Noodles in China was originated in the Han Dynasty and it have a history of more than 2,000 years, so at that time, the Chinese wheat noodles was called "cake" and cooked in soup was called "soup cake". Anyway, no matter what era it is, noodles and meat can always bring us the simplest and direct comfort.
Actually, the history of Chinese eating beef noodles is not very long, however, it have to thanks to its collocation with noodles,when beef has become the ordinary people's diet. Nowadays, the beef noodles have occupied an important position on Chinese breakfast.
Where you can taste the most delicious beef noodles in China?
1. Lanzhou Beef Noodles
In Lanzhou, there is no such terms as "Lanzhou ramen", and it is usually called "big bowl of beef", which means big bowl of beef noodles.
Lanzhou beef noodles are quite delicious because the ingredients are very important. Peng Hui(Pottashe) is an alkaline substance produced by burning Halogeton arachnoideus in Gobi desert. When added into the noodles, there will be a special fragrance, and the noodles is very tasty and chewy.
The characteristics of the authentic Lanzhou beef noodles are: clear(soup clear), two white (radish white), three red (spicy oil red), four green (coriander green), five yellow (noodles is slight yellow and bright). According to the thickness, noodles can be divided into large width, width, fine, two fine, capillary, leek leaves and so on. Noodles are made by hand, a bowl of noodles can be made in less than two minutes, then poured beef noodle soup, white radish slices, mixed with red chili oil, green garlic seedlings, coriander, and it just tastes amazing.
2. Xi'an Beef Minced Noodles
As one of the pasta kingdom in China, beef noodles is the simplest and common food in North West of China, However, in Xi'an there are many ways to eat noodles, either hot or cold.
There are two sort of beef noodles in Xi'an: one is beef minced noodles, it have beef and mixed vegetables in the noodles, the taste of the bowl of noodles depends on the seasoning of the vegetable noodles.
The other one is beef noodles. There are only beef and noodles, the bowl of noodles have to depends on seasoning, beef (dry noodles) or soup (soup noodles) to determine the flavour of the beef noodles.
The soup is stewed with beef bones, with a full of fragrance, the cold noodles must be rolled out to be soft, tendons, smooth,round and flat. So the temperature difference between ice and fire, which makes the noodles more chewy and smooth.
The taste of beef is very tender, and the spices such as anise, cinnamon and fennel has been injected into the meat fibers, the fragrance of the beef noodles is rippled in your mouth until you take another sip of soup.

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