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20 Days Culture Diversity of the Silk Road Tour

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Dear Lesley,

We are back home now and are beginning to look back on our wonderful weeks in China.
We want to thank you for the lovely dinner we had the evening before we left China. It was great to see you in person after all those e-mails over several months, and we enjoyed it very much. Also, thank you for sending the e-mail to our daughters!
We are very impressed with the organization of Xinjiang China Travel, from you as executive, to those who work with you in Urumqi, and also your very knowledgeable and professional tour guides across the country.

Although we have never done this before, we believe that the high calibre of Xinjiang China Travel and the excellent tour we had deserve an endorsement, should you wish to have one on your website or to show to those asking about your tours, as follows:
"Our tour with Xinjiang China Travel, 'Cultural Diversity of the Silk Road,' wasexcellent, from the knowledgeable and helpful local guides across the country to the coordinating team in Urumqi. Everything went smoothly and seamlessly in giving us the best possible tour we could have had. We will always remember the exciting and interesting time we had on this tour.

Thank you again for all your assistance and especially your answers to the many, many questions we asked you leading up to our booking! You made it possible for us to know that we would be in good hands with Xinjiang China Travel.
Thank you again, and all the best.

-- Kirsten and Chuck, Canada"
Travel Advisor

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