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10 days Best Xinjiang Tour

Client Name:Chiaki
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Hi, Lesley,

I am Chiaki, Japanese, you met at your office on Sep.19th.
Now I am back in Tokyo, Japan, and am writing this to say 'thank you' to you.
It was wonderful to meet you.
There is no person else you who brings a new customer to your office and make such a perfect plan at that late time with the fantastic English.
You are so smart and diligent. I know that because I am also in a sales department for individual customers of my company (not a travelling company though). 
Also I have to say that your special offer made my trip definitely awesome one!!
I spent my time in Xinjiang as almost exactly same as you planned.
I went to Turpan first, Kashgar, Kalakur lake, and Kanas. I like them all very much! Kanas was the very best season as you said.
Without your plan, I would have been just hanging around Urumqi whole 10 days. It would have been just boring....
If I would have a chance to visit Urumqi again, I would like to meet you again to thank you.
And also, if you could have a chance to visit Japan and Tokyo, plaese let me know.
I can show you around, or at least I can make a plan for you :->
So, I have more to say to you, but I have to go now.
I appreciate you so much. Thank you very much.
Xie Xie Xie Xie ni!
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