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5 Days Lanzhou,Xiahe, Jiayuguan

Silk Road Tour from German.Trip to Lanzhou, Xiahe, Jiayuguan. Guide was excellent, very good English very helpful and good knowledge. Visit of Magao caves, better take English tour...Read More

9 Days Best Xinjiang Tour
Client:Guilhem Souche
Country: French

We are also quite happy with our Xinjiang tour. Yarkent was interesting, Countryside around Kashgar is very nice. You should look for a nice village and offer the tourists to have a...Read More

5 days Urumqi and Turpan Tour
Country: Malaysia
Itinerary:Urumqi-Heavenly lake-Turpan

We finally arrived safely back in Malaysia. Had a wonderful Xinjiang trip. You are very professional and provide excellent service. Our guide was one of the best guide we have ever ...Read More

8 days Xi'an, Dunhuang, Urumqi and Luoyang Tour
Client:Imjai Pamaranon
Country: Thailand

We all went home with good memories. All of group said, you are a good organizer. Thank you for your kindness. I hope next year I will go Xinjiang in color changed and hope to see y...Read More

7 days xinjiang culture tour
Country: France
Itinerary:Urumqi-Turpan-Kashgar-Taxkorgan county

We had a wonderful time. the landscape near the Karakul lake were amazing, markets and bazars in Kashgar and Urpan were so true, so typical. In Urumqi, we appreciate the quality of ...Read More

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