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15 Days Xinjiang Adventure Tour
Client:Viyviyane Chin
Country: Malaysia
Itinerary:Urumqi-Heavenly lake-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Karamay-Kashgar-Aksu-Kuche-Korler-Turpan-Urumqi

I strongly recommend Xinjiang China International Travel Agency when you want to visit Xinjiang. They are very professional and their price is reasonable. The tour consultant and to...Read More

18 Days Grand Xinjiang Small Group Tour
Country: Malaysia+Singapore

It was a very well planned Xinjiang trip and much better than our expectation. It was truly a pleasure to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Kanas and Bayibulak. And also experienced th...Read More

4 days China overland tour
Client:Boussion Laurent Alain
Country: France
Itinerary:Turgart border- Kashgar -Irkestan border

we had a very nice tour in Kashgar and Grand Sunday Bazaar. Our guide is very professional, he told us fantastic story about the Old Town and we had great time in Kashgar.Thank you ...Read More

10 days Southern Xinjiang Tour
Country: Singapore
Itinerary:Urumqi-Turpan-Korler-Kucha-Taklamkan desert-Hotan-Kashgar

Many many thanks for your efforts and planned the Xinjiang trip for us. We learned a lot about the South part of Xinjiang, even though we read books. ...Read More

9 Days Silk Road Impression Tour
Client:Penny and Jason Heffernan
Country: New Zealand

we are glad that we chose your company for organising our Silk Road tour from Urumqi to Jianyuguan. And we remember you even travel all the way from Urumqi to Jiayuguan in order to ...Read More

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