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Silk Road Buddhism Exploration
Client:Ching Tay
Country: America

Everything is very good! All your drivers and guides are very responsible, punctual and friendly....Read More

15 Days Silk Road Travel from Xian to Kashgar
Client:TS Yong
Country: Malaysia,Singapore,UK,US

Thank you again for organising such a memorable Silk Road tour for us. Will certainly recommend you to our friends who want to come....Read More

Silk Road and Northern Xinjiang Tour
Client:Tay Siew Phoy
Country: Malaysia

Thank you for all the arrangement that make our trip run smoothly....Read More

Silk Road Tour from Bishkek to Xian
Country: Netherland
Itinerary:Bishkek-Issyk Kul-Tash Rabat-Kashgar-Urumqi-Turpan-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Zhangye-Lanzhou-Xian

Everything is OK. Our guide Nick is a nice guy telling beautiful stories and jokes. Thank you for the refund. It was a pity that we could not visit Yardan. May be next time....Read More

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