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Yumenguan Pass

As one of the most crucial travel destinations along the silk road, Yumenguan pass was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also known as 'Little Square City'. With the prosperity of the Silk Road, it was once a necessary place for merchants who come from the Western Regions and the Central Plains, and It is said that in ancient times, the Hetian Jade had to passed through Yumen Pass and then introduced into the Central Plains, so it was called Yumenguan.

What to visit in Yumenguan Pass:
As the famous poemtry "A Song of Liangzhou" mentioned:" The yellow river is far above the white clouds,the lonely town is lost amid the mountains proud. Why should the Mongol flute complain no willows grow, Beyond the Jade Gate vernal wind will never blow", that is the best description of Yumenguan Pass.
The walls of Yumenguan Pass are built completely by loess hamming, covering 600 square metres. The city is 24.5 metres long from east to west and 26.4 metres wide from south to north and 9.7 metres high. The top of the walls are 3. 7metres. while the bottom is 4 metres wide from east to west and 1.9 metres wide from west to north. There are two gates in the west and north respectively. In the southeast corner of the wall has a riding track less than 1 metre wide, leading to the top along the east wall and then the south wall.
In addition, located 100 metres north of the city, there is a wetland called Hara Lake, when you travel around the lake,you will see a large number of reeds on the lake for viewing, that is quite splendid.

When is the best time to visit Yumenguan Pass?
From May-June and August-October is the best season to travel to Dunhuang. because during that time, the weather is moderately cool and the melons and fruits are quite fragrance, which is a good place to experience the splendid culture and history of Dunhuang.
The lowest temperature in winter is -21.6 degree Celsius, and the highest temperature in summer is 38.4 degree Celsius. The annual average temperature is 6.9 degree Celsius and rainfall is 82 mm.

Other travel information of Yumenguan Pass:
The rising and declining of Yumenguan Pass are undoubtedly the miniatures of Silk Road. During the golden age of Silk Road, Yumenguan Pass entered an age of Yumenguan with rich meaning and nourishment in favour of all regions. Meanwhile, one would embark on the north route of Silk Road by going out of Yumenguan Pass and directly get to region on the east coast of Mediterranean Sea through Beiting of Earlier Jushi Kingdom(the present Turpan) southwestward to Yanqi (southwest of the present Yanqi), Wulei (east of the present Luntai), Qiuci(the present Kuche) Gumo(the present Wensu)and Shule (the present Kashgar) across Pamir Plateau. On the extremely hard road, like water source, Silk and jade moistened the heart and will of the people and carried fatigue steps into the oasis of life.

The ticket information of Yumenguan Pass:
Nowadays Yumenguan Pass sells joint tickets with the Great Wall of Han Dynasty and Hecang City. When travelers take the west route from Dunhuang City to Devil City of Yadan, the vehicles will pass through the highway, and they need to pay the joint ticket of Yumenguan Pass.

Travel tips of Yumenguan Pass:
1.Yumenguan is situated on the Gobi, with the dry climate, strong sunshine and sandstorm. Tourists need to bring some drinks and anti-sand sunscreen equipment before touring.
2.It should be noted that there is still controversy about whether the site was the Yumenguan Pass of that year. Anyway, after more than two thousand years, Guancheng can be used to recall the past and the present.
3.Travelers are suggested to bring food and fruit, because the meals in the scenic area are very simple.

Traffic information of Yunmenguan Pass:
1.The journey from Dunhuang to Yumenguan is about 90 kilometers. Because of the connection of desert highways, cars can basically pass. However, there is no direct public transport. Therefore travelers are suggested to charter a car or find a local travel agency.
2.Tourists can drive 34.1 kilometers from Dunhuang City along the G215 - 58.4 kilometres from the right front turn - 20 meters from the right front turn - 220 meters from the Han Great Wall site on the right, and then reach the Yumenguan site.

The admission ticket: 40 RMB/Person

Opening Time: 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM

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