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Golmud or (Germu in Chinese Phonetic Alphabet Pinyin) is situated in the central south of Tsaidam Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, covering an area of 118, 900 square kilometers which makes it the biggest city in the world. The average altitude is 3, 569 meters above sea-level. Golmud, meaning "a place with intensive rivers" in Mongolian has more than 20 rivers with the reserves of water resources reaching to 2.385 billion cubic meters. So Golmud has large superiority in developing hydropower.
The climate there is typical continental, with warm winter and cool summer. The average temperature is about 4. 3°C, with the highest up to 35°C and lowest down to minus 33. 6°C. It is an ideal place for summer sort. However, the natural condition there is relatively pretty hash with only the annual rainfall of a bit more than 40 mm and the evaporation up to over 3, 000 mm. Besides, there are nearly 180 windy days per year. Nearly 90% of the area belongs to desert or semi-desert Gobi with any nearest middle-sized city at least 400 kilometers away.
Golmud is also a young city founded in 1954. Despite of this, it is the third biggest city following Xining and Lhasa in Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The population is 205, 700 with an average age of 32. The composition of thepopulation includes 26 different minority ethnics. The majority of the population, over 90%, lives in the city of Golmud. Geographically Golmud is at an important position. It is the transportation hinge which connects Tibet, Xinjiang  Uygur autonomous regions and Gansu province. Three main stems meet in Golmud, namely Qing-Zang (Qinghai-Tibet), Qing-Xin (Qinghai-Xinjiang)and Dun-Ge (Dunhuang-Golmud). In 2007, the Qing-Zang railway is full in operation. The airport in Golmud has connected it with Xining. Chengdu and some other domestic cities. It is quite convenient for tourists to go to Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu and the capital city of Xining and further to other places in China from Golmud.
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