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As one of the popular Qinghai Travel Destinations along the silk road, it is the best place where you can visit the magnificent natural landscape and adorable wildlife animals.

Introduction of Golmud:
Golmud is situated in the central south of Tsaidam Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, covering an area of 118, 900 square kilometres which are the biggest city in the world. The average altitude is 3, 569 metres above sea-level. Golmud, meaning "a place with intensive rivers" in Mongolian has more than 20 rivers with the reserves of water resources reaching to 2.385 billion cubic meters. So Golmud has large superiority in developing hydropower.

Geographical Conditions of Golmud:
Geographically Golmud is in an important position. It is the transportation hinge which connects Tibet, Xinjiang Uighur autonomous regions and Gansu province. Three main stems meet in Golmud, namely Qing-Zang (Qinghai-Tibet), Qing-Xin (Qinghai-Xinjiang)and Dun-Ge (Dunhuang-Golmud). In 2007, the Qing-Zang railway is full in operation. The airport in Golmud has connected it with Xining. Chengdu and some other domestic cities. It is quite convenient for tourists to go to Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu and the capital city of Xining and further to other places in China from Golmud.

What to visit in Golmud?
Golmud has become another tourist attraction of Qinghai due to its specific geographic uniqueness, natural landscapes, rare animals and floras in recent years. The Wanzhang Salt Bridge, the magnificent sunrise on the desert of Kunlun Glacier, the rivers and the vast grassland and the Gobi desert have been drawing more and more tourists from home and abroad. Golmud is an ideal place to enjoy the gorgeous views of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and it is also an ideal place to carry out the scientific investigation, expeditions, and mountain climbing.

Caka Salt Lake:
Caka means salt lake in Tibetan, the lake is situated between Qilian Mountain and Kunlun Mountain. Caka Salt Lake is a salt field for more than 3000 years, the salt content of the lake is very high, so naturally, it will crystallize into a white lake, and it reflects the sky, clouds plus mountains on the other side of the lake, which is very gorgeous. Meanwhile, there are salt sculptures in the scenic area, and tourists can take the small train to visit.

Three Rivers Fountainheads Nature Reserve:
Three Rivers Fountainheads Nature Reserve is located in the south of Qinghai Province, the total area of Sanjiangyuan Reserve is more than 316,000 square kilometres, accounting for 32.7% of the total land area of Qinghai Province. It is the largest wetland ecological landscape and nature reserve with the highest altitude in the world.

Kunlun Mountain:
Kunlun Mountain is located in the south of Qaidam Basin, it is the ancestor-seeking place of Chinese people. In Kunlun Mountain, you can experience the endless splendor and mystery.

When is the best time to visit?
Every July and August is the best time to travel to Golmud, at this time, the temperature of Golmud is moderately cool, travelers can enjoy the beautiful scenery such as lakes and mountains.
Every summer is the tourism season of Golmud. Among them, in summer, the climate is very cool, the scenery is quite picturesque.
In addition, travelers can also visit Golmud in early Autumn, because, at that time, visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of Populus diversifolia forest in Golmud.

Travel tips of Golmud:
1. Golmud has a high altitude, some tourists may have altitude sickness, please avoid intense exercise and ensure adequate sleep.
2. The temperature of Golmud is different between day and night, tourists should take more clothes and sunscreen products plus rain gears.
3. When we traveling in Qinghai, we should respect the local customs and religions.
4. Do not take a picture or make a noise in religious places.

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