• [Uzbekistan City] Tashkent 日期:2018-12-27 17:42:58 点击:102 好评:0

    the capital of Uzbekistan and Central Asias premier metropolis, betrays little of its 2,000-year history as a crossroads of ancient trade routes. This modern city of 2.1 million people, the fourth largest in the CIS after Moscow, St. Peterburg and Kiev, h...

  • [Uzbekistan City] Samarkand 日期:2018-12-27 17:39:36 点击:146 好评:0

    Samarkand is the mirror of the World, the Garden of the Soul, the Jewel of Islam, the Pearl of the East, the Center of the Universe. Lying in the river valley of the Zerafshan and flanked by Pamir-Altai mountain spurs, this fabled oasis at the fringes of ...

  • [Uzbekistan City] Bukhara 日期:2018-12-27 17:34:26 点击:192 好评:0

    The traditional founder of Bukhara has always been the Persian prince Siyavush who built a citadel here shortly after marrying the daughter of Afrosiyab in Samarkand, but its growth has for centuries depended largely upon its strategic location, uniquely ...

  • [Uzbekistan City] Khiva 日期:2018-12-27 17:31:39 点击:52 好评:0

    Khiva is the most intact and most remote of Central Asias Silk Road cities, the final destination of a trip back through the centuries from socialist Tashkent to medieval slave town. Where Samarkand leaves the imagination exhausted, Khivas khanate romance...

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