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The Longest Day in Xi'an

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As the Starting Point of the Silk Road, it was once the imperial capital of 13 ancient dynasties, Xi'an is a museum city dotted with the historic relics of past dynasties, from the restored City Walls to the majesty of the Terracotta Warriors. Xi'an will delight travellers today, as it did centuries ago.
Xi'an is the best witness of China's long history and time-honoured cultures. The city presents the unique amalgamation of stunningly ancient and modern architectures, allowing tourists from all over the world to dive into the richness and distinctiveness of its cultural heritage.

Daming Palace:
Located in the northeastern part of the city, Daming Palace was the imperial palace complex of the Tang Dynasty. It is the world's largest complex of brick and wood palaces, with an area equivalent to four Forbidden Cities and three Versailles Palaces. It served as the imperial residence for 17 emperors over a period of more than 220 years.
Every frame from the series is reminiscent of the prosperity of the great dynasty. Over 1,000 years on, today's Xi'an is still flourishing, and its beauty is no less than that what it was during the Tang Dynasty.

The Ancient City Wall:
Continue our journey in Chang'an, we are going to visit the Xi'an City Wall. The natives always say the journey to Xi'an is not complete without visiting the Ancient City Wall, which has been stretched round to guard the inner city since the 13th century. Even nowadays, the massive, ancient City Wall is still strong and solid. It is the best-preserved city wall in China, and also one of the oldest intact military fortifications in the world.
Xi'an City Wall stretches almost 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) in length. The best way to see the entire wall might be cycling. Rental bikes are available around. If you are at a leisurely pace, biking the entirety takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Keep your eyes open for the spectacular gates, ramparts, and a deep moat surrounding the wall.

Big Goose Pagoda:
Tourists looking to visit locations featured in the series can pay a trip to the Big Goose Pagoda, which is one of Xi'an's most famous landmarks from imperial days. One of China's best examples of a Tang-style pagoda, it was completed in 652 to house Buddhist sutras brought back from India by the monk Xuan Zang. His travels inspired one of the best-known works of Chinese literature, Journey to the West.
When nights fall, the Tang Paradise treats visitors to a spectacular Lake Show, featuring lasers and other special effects including video projection onto the water. It is a large theme park near the site of the ancient Furong Garden but consists almost entirely of modern construction.

Muslim Quarter:
Food lovers are spoiled for choices since Xi'an offers a dizzying array of local flavours and snacks. You can smell the ever-present aroma of roasted meat, noodles, bread and sweets through the Muslim Quarter, which bustles with hordes of locals and tourists.
Do not miss out a diversity of local snacks at this a vibrant area thriving with cuisine from Muslim influences. One iconic dish worth trying is Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup ( Yangroupaomo ), a nourishing meal made from crumbled unleavened bread soaked in a mutton stew. Also, Roujiamo, a kind of Chinese teamed hamburger stuffed with juicy meat (often lamb or beef) is widely consumed at food stalls on streets. Other delicious treats you can easily find at the corner of the city include Liangpi (cold noodles), pomegranate juices and sour soup dumplings.


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