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9 Days Silk Road Impression Tour

Client Name:Penny and Jason Heffernan
Country:New Zealand
Group Code:
Both of your tour guides – Aysha and Jacky Zhang were VERY good.
Aysha – obviously she is a native of Xinjiang, that she knows a lot about her people, her culture, her places and the history. She was very down to earth and easy to talk to and we can talked to her about anything !
Jacky – she was very professional, very organised, and very detail when giving the information about all the places we went to. She was able to tell us the time for each trip, and what to expect on the trip, and even where the toilet is - this is very important !
egarding the driver:
Little Lee (Siau Lee) – He is a very patient and a very caution driver. He has no temperament, very polite in every occasion. He was good at driving around town in heavy traffic !
By all means, all of your guides and drivers were able to provide very good services and we are glad that we chose your company for organising our tour from Urumqi to Jianyuguan. And we remember you even travel all the way from Urumqi to Jiayuguan in order to get us the correct train-tickets ! 
We have no problem in recommending your services to others.

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