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Luoyang, Henan Province is located in the west, the south bank of  the Yellow River, is one of the world  “four Al-Quds” 
is one of the only China was named as "God is" the city, capital of China's earliest Most dynasties, the oldest capital city. The State Council released the first batch of one of the historical and cultural city, is the best tourist cities in China 
and "Chinese brands moving world city." Luoyang is located by the north shore of the ancient name Waterinfo. As the center of Luoyang 
Heluo region is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Luoyang is the cradle of the Chinese nation.      Its long history endows Luoyang with a profound sense of culture. The city is the cradle of Chinese civilization where many Chinese legends happened, such as Nvwa Patching the Sky, Dayu Controlling Flood and the Chinese ancestor Huangdi Establishing the Nation. The city is also famed as the 'Poets Capital' as poets and literates of ancient China often gathered there and left grand works, including 'Book of Wisdom' Jing'), 'Han History'  and 'Administrative Theory of Admonishing Official' . Religious culture once thrived here. Taoism originated there and the first Buddhist temple set up by the government was located there. Luoyang is also the hometown of many of the scientific inventions of ancient China, such as the seismograph, armillary sphere, paper making, printing and the compass. 
    Luoyang has rich historical and cultural sites. The Longmen Grottoes are one of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions. The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple and is honored as the 'Cradle of Buddhism in China'. Mt. Mangshan is where ancient tombs of emperors, nobles and literates in the past dynasties collected. The Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum  is the world's first example of the kind and presents thousands of treasures discovered in the tombs. Landscapes in Luoyang hold the same attraction as the cultural sites. White Cloud Mountain, Funiu Mountain, Long Yu Wan National Forest Park, Ji Guan Limestone Cave and the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area are all worth a visit. Additionally, Luoyang is particularly well known for its peonies. Every year in April, the flowers blossom and attract tourists from all over the world.       Dining in Luoyang is quite an enjoyable experience. Various kinds of local dishes, including Water Feast, Yan Cai and others which use the famous Yellow River carps as an ingredient, together with the uniquely flavored soups, will greatly satisfy your taste buds. Luoyang's local specialties such as Palace Lanterns, bronze vessels and Tri-colored glazed potteries will no doubt delight your eyes and offer you ideal souvenirs. Being a modern city as well, Luoyang has hotels of all standards which provide you quite a broad choice for your stay. Most of the hotels have reasonable room prices and perfect services. 
            Luoyang, a charming city filled with the fragrance of peonies and the primitive atmosphere of ancient civilization, is waiting and welcoming guests from all over the world. Putting the city into the list of your exploration in China, you will get far more than what you expect.  Luoyang Peony       Luoyang is renowned as: the city of peony. The city has long been famous for its beautiful peony flowers. Peony, has been called the King of Flowers for its gorgeous charm and unbelievably beauty. The Flower has been a symbol of grace in China. Ancient Chinese poets once compared peony with the beautiful and elegant ladies and thought the two were equally pleasant to the eye.        Luoyang has a long history of planting peony. Peony growing began to prevail in the region in the ancient Sui Dynasty, over one thousand years ago. In the Tang Dynasty, many famous gardens for peony were built and peony was planted on a massive scale. Luoyang became the country's peony cultivation and trade center in the Song Dynasty. Luoyang Peony is international famous for the Peony. Luoyang's unique climate is well suited to its peony growing culture. Luoyang is located in the temperate zone with favorable and humid climate all year around. The Song Dynasty writer Ou Yangxiu as an official in Luoyang, he enjoyed the Luoyang places of historic interest and scenic beauty, has a special liking for the Luoyang peony, author of "tree peony in Luoyang". His 
"Luoyang to spend the most appropriate vein, the peony is particularly surprising the world" of the poem shows the growth of peony natural conditions of Luoyang be richly endowed by nature       More than a thousand years, Luoyang peony Jiapin filed one after another, in different poses and with different expressions, charming. Ou Yangxiu's "guest said recent years flower specific, often becomes a new" out of the truth. The history of the height of tree peony cultivars of up to 119. Now has reached more than 500 varieties, broadly speaking, can be divided into "three class, nine color, type ten". Three categories, namely single head class, first class and mixed class. This is according to the classification of every branch number of flower, flower is a single flower, two roses for double flower, three flower is the three head of peony. Nine color is red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, white, green and other colors, this is according to the classification of peony color. The ten type is mainly based on the Luoyang peony petal number, size, arrangement and flower morphology classification. In nineteenth Century, the British evolutionist Darwin in his masterpiece "the origin of species" had quoted the ecological variation of Luoyang peony, as his "theory of evolution" theory of evidence. When the Song Dynasty, Luoyang and others after Prime Minister Wei Renbo Yao Huanghe home bred Wei Zi are called Kao, after flowering. "Yao Huangyi branch opened, the brilliant gas such as cut". Luoyang Yuanfeng years, present Song Shenzong Yao Huangyi 
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