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Mengda Heavenly Lake

As one of the attractive tour destinations along the silk road, it is the best place where you can take pictures of mountains and lakes on the plateau.

Introduction of Mengda Heavenly Lake:
Mengda Heavenly Lake is located in the east of Jishi Town, Xunhua County and it covers an area of 20 hectares. The pond is enclosed by 550 kinds of ancient trees, including spruce and Huashan pine. Some rare animals and birds can be seen in the dense forest, including blue sheep and snow cocks. Meanwhile, as a perfect health resort, this area has become a nature reserve in Qinghai province.

Introduction of Xunhua:
As a unique autonomous county mostly settled by the Sala minority group in China, Xunhua has a population of 120, 000 including Tibetan, Hui and other ethnic groups. The Sala nationality itself makes up 62 percent of the whole county's population. Due to the gentle climate and the sufficient sunshine, Xunhua abounds with fruits, chili, Chinese prickly trees and waters recognized as Jiangnan in Qinghai(literally, Jiangnan means the large humid area separated southward from the Yangtze River). The characteristic natural site ethnic culture and the affluent tourism resources provide original features for future development.

What to visit in Mengda Heavenly Lake?
Mengda includes a forest region area of 140,000 Chinese acres with fluctuating hills, particular topography, from 1780 to 4180 metres above the sea level. As a consequence of different monsoons influence, there is abundant rainfall, a moist eliminate and fragrant grass. The luxuriant forest is a rare plateau green treasure house worthy of the reputation"natural botanical garden". According to scientific statistics, more than 250 kinds of ants are found in the Mengda forest region. Many plants from the subtropics, the warm temperate zone, the cold temperate zone, and the sub-frigid zone, can be found here, such as the subtropics Taiwan Chinese juniper, the warm temperate zone undertaking spicebush. the Qinghai-Tibet Plain firewood fruit spruce and the big fruit cloud cypress, and so on. The natural preserve region also has the precious raw material for medicine, as many as 120 types; each kind of medicinal plant has many unexpected varieties. The shiny-leaved yellow horn, red auspicious wood, wool hazel, as well as outstanding lumber, and various fiber plants are everywhere. 100 kinds of wild decorative plants and flowers can be classified, such as spiraea, lilac, red cuckoo, big leaf hydrangea, hypericum, wild rose, and so on. There are also many rare and precious animals, including pere-david's deer and blue sheep, as well as tiger, bear, and so on. Each species of bird includes 30 sub-species people call this area "Qinghai's Xishuangbanna.
When you visiting Mengda Heavenly Lake Scenic Area, you can see the red and spectacular Danxia landform along the road and the Yellow River on the road is clear and green. Compared with red Danxia, the scenery of Mengda Heavenly Lake is very beautiful, and you can take pictures and enjoy the scenery along the road.
The Mengda forest region has not only luxuriant plant life and unusual animals but also natural beautiful scenery. Here we find lofty strange stones, dangerous peak cliffs. The natural river feeding a and strange flowers and grass pervading the mountain valley The frog stone, "a day", " the napped outlier, the echo cliff, five waterfall, sub-worships Buddha stone" and other sorts of wonderful stones are unique and unusual, rising vividly. Particularly charming is Heaven Pond located in the belly of the mountainous area, Just like a crystal like a splendid attractive pearl in appearance. Fog regularly encircles the periphery like Western Paradise. More than 400 square km of this area is mountains lakes, with a water depth of 30 metres, limpid clearness like a mirror, the lake and mountain scenery balancing each other as one The light vessel movement, the water sound, and the leaping camp all give the infinite pleasure to the senses. Everyone who comes here tom mountaineering, will feel completely relaxed and forget to return home "Mengda Heavenly Pond" is a winning place of the Mengda forest region.

When is the nest time to visit?
Every May to October is the best time to travel to Mengda Heavenly Lake. among them, Summers is pleasant, and it is the best summer resorts for travelers. Winters is very cold and dry. The best time to visit is spring and summer as the weather is comfortable and scenery at its most impressive.
In addition, travelers can also visit the scenic spot in Autumn, because, at that time, visitors can enjoy the spectacular views on the plateau.
Furthermore, the annual four religious activities will be held in the Chinese lunar calendar of 8th to 18th January, 8th to 15th April, 3rd to 9th June and 20th to 23rd September respectively. On these occasions, tourists both from home and abroad swarm here to enjoy such various and colourful religious activities as ‘the Grand Buddha Basking in the Sun’, 'Lama Dance’, ‘Praying for Buddha’, and so forth.

Other travel information about Mengda Heavenly Lake:
Arriving at the mountainside, you can see the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and rivers. The environment is very peaceful and beautiful, which is quite suitable for photographing here. By the way, there is a wooden trestle road around Tianchi Lake, tourists can enjoy the natural landscape along the trestle road or lakeside road.

Travel Tips:
1.The altitude of Mengda Heavenly Lake is about 2,400 to 2,500 metres, and some tourists may have altitude sickness.
2.Shopping and dining in the scenic spot are inconvenient, so tourists are suggested to bring some food and drinks.

The admission fees: 70 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
8.00 AM to 6.30 PM

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