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Grape Valley

Location:13km northeast of downtown,in the valley west of the flaming mountain.
   Turpan grapes can be traced back to 2000 years ago.The low terrain,high temperature,little precipitation,and sharp difference between the day and night temperature contribute to a very favorable environment for grape growing.With long daylight hours,the sugar content of the grapes is accumulated.Turpan has become the biggest grape growing area in China with an annual output of more than  4000 tons,which accounts for one third of the country’s total production.The income from selling grapes makes up 60% of the local income.Grapes have become a synonym for Turpan.
   Grapes Valley is 8km long and 0.5km wide,covering an area 400 hectares.The high quality grapes are mare’s nipple grape,black grape,Suosuo grapes,Kashgar grapes and Shuzaojing grapes.The white grape is the best among them.It is juicy,sweet and crisp,suitable for making raisin and grape wine.It is known as “China’s Green Pearl”in the international market.
   In hot days when you enter the valley where the dense foliage shades te sun and streams wind their way through the valley,immediately you feel cool and refreshed.The shiny and ripe grapes seem to blot out the sky and cover up them the earth.It is a great place for summer holidays.
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