• [Turkmenistan City] Mary city 日期:2018-12-27 14:07:53 点击:196 好评:0

    Mary is the second largest city in Turkmenistan and lies about 350 km east of Ashgabat. It is the capital of the Mary Region, known as the province of Margiana in ancient times. Mary (Merv) was once known as the Pearl of the East and was the second city o...

  • [Turkmenistan City] Ashgabat 日期:2018-12-27 14:05:17 点击:130 好评:0

    Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, has borne this name since 1881. According to archeological data, settlements belonging to the Great Silk Road have existed on the territory of the present city since at least the end of the first millennium BC. The c...

  • [Turkmenistan City] Dashoguz City 日期:2018-12-27 14:03:23 点击:165 好评:0

    Dashoguz is located in the northern part of Turkmenistan. The territory of Dashoguz area hosts the capital of ancient Khoresm - one of the strongest medieval empires in Central Asia - the city of Keneurgench. From 995 when Gurgandzh was the capital of Hor...

  • [Turkmenistan City] Kunya Urgench city 日期:2018-12-27 14:01:20 点击:90 好评:0

    Almost 100 kilometers from the city of Dashoguz (480 km from Ashgabat) is located the ancient city of Kunya-Urgench (Old Urgench). Today this ancient settlement is the state historical and cultural reserve with the area of about 640 hectares (created in 1...

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