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Riyue Mountain

As one of the attractive tour destinations along the silk road, where you can not only visit the landmark architecture in Qinghai, but also experience the history of Princess Wen Cheng enters Tibet.

Introduction of Riyue Mountain:
Riyue Mountain is located on the way from Huangyuan to Qinghai Lake, and it is the only way for Qinghai to Tibet. It is said that when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, she broke the stone mirror that could not see her hometown, therefore the scenery was divided into two parts: the sun and the moon, hence the name Riyue Mountain. When you entre the scenic area, you will see a small peak on both sides of Riyue Mountain plus the two landmark buildings of Riyue Pavilion.

What to visit in Riyue Mountain:
Geographically, Riyue Mountain is a significant watershed between out flow rivers and continental rivers in China. It also serves as the natural demarcation line between Loess Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Just standing on the top of the mountain and looking eastward, you will see sporadic villages peacefully embedded in terraced fields and connected by crisscross footpaths, with green crops and boundless rape blossoming. Continue to visit, you will get a full view of rolling mountains and vast grasslands which interspersed with white sheep, black yaks and brown horses to name just a few, which is quite worth to visit.

Tang - Tibet ( Tubo) Ancient Road:
Riyue Mountain Square also known as Tangbo Ancient Road. Near the ancient road, you will see the Memorial Hall of princess Wencheng and the statue of Sacred cow of Riyue Mountain. Inside of the memorial hall, there are the statues of Songzan Ganbu and the princess Wencheng.

Regorging River:
At the northwestern foot of the mountain a river flows westward. According to the legend, the river water was the tears of Princess Wencheng when she broken the stone Mirror in order to keep herself from missing her home and relatives, she do feared that one day the river would flow eastward to Chang'an, which would make her parents very worried, and then, she prayed that the river would flow backwards. The god was deeply moved by her filial heart that he made river flow westward right away, and that's why people call it Daotang River - Regorging River.

When is the best time to visit?
Summer are pleasant but winter are very cold and dry. The best time to visit Qinghai is Spring and Summer as the weather is comfortable and scenery at its most impressive.
In which I have to say that Every June to August is the best time to travel to Riyue Mountain, because during that period, you can not only see the beautiful wild flowers and the magnificent landscape, but also see the sheep and cattle was scattered over the grassland.

Other travel information of Riyue Mountain:
Tourists will pass Riyue Mountain when they travel from Xining city to Qinghai Lake. along the travel rountines, you will visit many magnificent views such as the rolling mountains and the vast prairie. To be honest, there is no need to enter the mountain scenic area, because the sun Pavilion and the moon Pavilion in the scenic spot are pseudo-classic architecture.
In addition, Riyue Mountain is the demarcation line between agriculture and pastoral region, monsoon and non-monsoon. Meanwhile, it is also the westernmost side of the Loess Plateau, when you passing through the mountain pass, the geographical landscape on the east and west sides is quite unique and stupendous.

How to get there?
Travelers can choose to charter a car to go to the scenery, the scenic area is about 100 kilometres away from the urban, and it can be reached in about 2 hours.

The admission fees: 40 RMB/Person.

Opening Time:
8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

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