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Overland Travel of Panoramic West China Adventure Map
DAY 1  Mohan Border  Mengla    50kms,1hr driving

Today you will arrive in the Mohan Border between China and Laos. Leading car and your guide will meet you at the border. The car stays at the border and you will be transferred to Mengla with the Guide 
Dealing with temporary license etc
DAY 2  Mengla Kunming        627kms,8-9hrs driving
DAY 3  Kunming Panzhihua         316kms,4hrs driving

Visit the scenery along the road
DAY 4  Panzhihua Lugu Lake           245kms,5-6hrs driving
DAY 5   Lugu Lake  Xichang            249kms, 5-6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Lugu Lake/Qiong Lake
DAY 6  XichangLudingKangdingXinduqiao            410kms,7-8hrs driving
DAY 7  Xinduqiao TagongBameiDaofuGarzi        307kms, 5-6hrs driving
DAY 8 GarziBaiyu        281kms,5-6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Yaqing Temple/Baiyu Temple
DAY 9  Baiyu DegeMani Gango        187kms, 4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Dege Yinjingyuan/Xinlu Lake
DAY 10  Mani GangoYushu        396kms,8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Baghmani Stone Sutra Wall
DAY 11  YushuMaduo          325kms, 4-5hrs driving
DAY 12  Maduo Xining         474kms,7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Ta'er Lamasery
DAY 13  XiningZhangye         663kms,8-9hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park
DAY 14  Zhangye JiayuguanDunhuang          593kms,6-7hrs driving

Suggested Attractions :  Jiayuguan Pass / The Great Wall Museum/The Great Wall on the Cliff          
DAY 15  Dunhuang Tour 

Suggested Attractions : Echoing Sand Moutain and Crescent Lake/Mogao Grottoes
DAY 16  DunhuangHamiBalikun         536kms,7-8hrs driving
DAY 17  Balikun Turpan          535kms,7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Flaming Mountain/Beziklik Thousand Buddha Cave/Tuyoq Valley/Balikun Ancient City/Balikun Lake
DAY 18  Turpan Tour 

Suggested Attractions : Jiaohe Ruins/Sugong Minaret/Gaochang Ancient City
DAY 19  Turpan Urumqi              220kms,3hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Dabancheng Wind Power Station/Xinjiang Regional Museum
DAY 20  Urumqi Keketuohai         522kms, 6hrs driving
DAY 21  KeketuohaiAltay            290kms,4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Altay Regional Relics Museum
Day 22  AltayKanasHemu               210kms,3hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Kanas Nature Reserve/Hemu Village       
DAY 23  Hemu Tour 
DAY 24 HemuBurqinKaramay         490kms,8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Ghost City/Baiyang River           
DAY 25 Karamay Yining             583kms,7-8hrs driving             

Suggested Attractions : Sayram Lake/Lavender Park
DAY 26  YiningZhaosuTekes        230kms,6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Kalajun Prairie/Bagua City
DAY 27  TekesNalaty           252kms, 4hrs driving
DAY 28  Nalaty BaluntayKorla           384kms, 7hrs driving
DAY 29  KorlaKuqa               293kms,3-4hrs driving    

Suggested Attractions : Tianshan Grand Canyon/Kezir Thousand Buddha Cave/Kuqa Mosque/Kezir Gaha Fengsui
DAY 30  KuqaAksu          380kms,5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Tianshan Grand Canyon/Kezir Thousand Buddha Cave
DAY 31  Aksu Kashgar                 460kms,5hrs driving
DAY 32  Kashgar City Tour

Suggested Attractions :  Idigar Mosque / Apak Hoja Tomb / Old Town
DAY 33  KashgarKarakul Lake Taxkorgan         378kms, 7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Karakul Lake
DAY 34  TaxkorganYarkant            551kms,9hrs driving
Day 35  Yarkant30 Miles Barracks              400kms,7-8hrs driving     
DAY 36  30 Miles Barracks Duoma            468kms, 8-9hrs driving
DAY 37 DuomaPangong-TsoShiquanhe-Gar          226kms,2-3hrs driving              
DAY 38  Shiquanhe-Gar Zhada    252kms,5-6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Guge Kingdom/Tholing Monastery
DAY 39  Zhada Tarchen          300kms, 4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Lake Manasarovar
DAY 40  TarchenSaga      510kms,7hrs driving
DAY 41  Saga PekutsoLaodingriRongbu Temple             322kms, 7hrs driving
DAY 42  Rongbu TempleXegarShigatse              350kms,7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Everest/Saga Monastery
DAY 43  ShigatseGyangzeLhasa               360kms,7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Yamdroktso/Baiju Temple/Tashilhunpo Monastery/Canola Glacier
DAY 44  Lhasa City Tour    

Suggested Attractions :  Potala Palace/The Jokhang Temple/Eight Corner Street/Sera Monastery
DAY 45  Lhasa Linzhi             400kms, 8hrs driving
DAY 46  LinzhiRanwu             356kms,7hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Segyla Mountain/Ranwu Lake/Puranlin Lake
DAY 47  Ranwu BaxoiMarkam                 447kms,9hrs driving
DAY 48  Markam YanjingDeqen             221kms,5-6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Catholic Church/Locals Sunning Salt/Feilai Temple/Meili Snow Mountain Sunset
DAY 49  Deqen Shangri-la         164kms, 3-4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions :Jinsha River/Songzanlin Temple
DAY 50  Shangri-laLijiang             175kms,3hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Tiger Leaping Gorge
Day 51  Lijiang Tour

Suggested Attractions : Old Town of Lijiang/Heilongtan 
DAY 52  LijiangDaliLincang                476kms, 7-8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Three Towers/Erhai
DAY 53 LincangJingguNing'erPu'er         300kms,4-5hrs driving         
DAY 54  Pu'erMengla           81kms,1hr driving

Handling with exit procedures
DAY 55  MenglaMohan             50kms,1hr driving

Handling with exit procedures
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