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  • [Kyrgyz City] Bishkek 日期:2016-01-06 22:57:50 点击:188 好评:0

    Bishkek, the capital of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, with a population of about 1 million, located in the Chui valley at the northern foot of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too on an inclined plain, at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level....

  • [Kyrgyz City] City Name 日期:2012-09-20 13:47:13 点击:184 好评:0

    The Kyrgyz people were nomads throughout much of their history, initially living in the region of south-central Russia between the Yenesei River and Lake Baikal about 2,000 years ago. The ancestors of the modern Kyrgyz were probably not Turks, like most p...

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