North Xinjiang Tour from Urumqi to Kanas
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North Xinjiang Tour from Urumqi to Kanas Map
Day 1   Urumqi 

Welcome to Xinjiang, a magical place where combines the history, culture and natural landscape. Today we will wait for you in Urumqi, the first stop of your northern Xinjiang tour. Upon arrival, bring you to downtown and transfer to the hotel check in.
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Day 2   Urumqi  Burqin   (700kms, 9-10hrs driving)

Morning we will pick you up from your hotel and then bus transfer to Burqin with about 9 to 10 hours driving, passing by Huoshaoshan where you will witness a sea of red, caused by burnt rocks that look as if they are still burning along the hills. Burqin, located in the northernmost of Xinjiang,  This evening you will stay in Burqin.
Accommodation: In Burqin

Huoshaoshan   Kalamaili Nature Reserve
               Huoshaoshan                                                                    Kalamaili Nature Reserve

Day 3   Burqin  Kanas  (180kms, 4hrs driving)

Exciting day! we will drive along the mountain road to the amazing Kanas Nature Reserve, China's only European-like ecological site that has been awarded the title of the "Pure Land of the World" due to its unspoiled natural scenery. Have a lunch when we arrive in Kanas Jiadengyu, after that go to the center of park and take the shuttle bus to visit the famous Moon bay, Dragon Bay and Immortal Bay. When we get off the shuttle bus, we can continue the shuttle bus tour to Fish Pavilion for a bird's eye view of Kanas Lake and its surrounding. or you can experience the cruise if you are interested. later afternoon we will check into the hotel. dinner and rest.
Accommodation: In Kanas

Fish Pavilion   Kanas Nature Reserve
                    Fish Pavilion                                                               Kanas Nature Reserve

Day 4   Kanas  

Morning enjoy your nice buffet breakfast at the hotel and today we will still stay in Kanas which is the most beautiful mountain lake you have never seen. The lake takes on different colors following the four seasons of the year, sometimes it's crystal blue, sometimes it's dark green, or even gray. you can enjoy the leisure time in Kanas. if the time of last day is not enough, today you will have a chance to walk from the bay to the other one and take a picture.
After the visit, we will drive back to Jiadengyu and transfer to the hotel, Have a good rest.
Accommodation: In Kanas

Kanas Nature Reserve   Kanas Nature Reserve
       Kanas                                                                          Kanas Lake

Day 5   Kanas  Hemu   (70kms, 2-3hrs driving)

In the morning, enjoy your simple buffet breakfast and the sunrise of Kanas. then we will travel to Hemu Village,  which is the one of the famous Tuvas village. Arrive at the entrance of Hemu, we still have to change the shuttle bus to the village. Here we would like to suggest you leave your big luggage in our coach and take your must stuff.
tranquil village, herds of cattle and sheep, warm and hospitable locals, What a beautiful and mysterious place! if you want to explore the life of Tuwa people, they will very welcome you to visit their family.
Accommodation: In Hemu

Hemu Village   Hemu Village
Hemu Village                                                                   Hemu Village

Day 6   HemuBurqin    (170kms, 4hrs driving)

After buffet breakfast in the hotel, then you will take a 4 hours ride to Burqin, enjoy the sunset of Five-colored Beach, Walk into the colorful Beach, you will feel as if in a dream world. The unique lava landscape consisted of purplish red, vandyke red, yellow and light green mudstone, sandstone and gravel. this is the most beautiful colorful Beach, masterpiece of nature, and miracle of Burqin.
In the evening, you can walk around the street in Burqin, enjoy your leisure time and tasty snacks. And we will spend the night in Burqin.
Accommodation: In Burqin

Five-colored Beach   Five-colored Beach
Five-colored Beach                                                            Five-colored Beach

Day 7   Burqin  Urumqi     (700kms, 9-10 hrs driving)

Enjoy the sunrise and after breakfast, we will head to Urumqi with about 9 to 10 hours driving. passing by Karamy, the famous oil city, and travel along the Gurbantunggut Desert to the Urho Ghost City, also known as Wuerhe Wind City", a unique wind-eroded geological area commonly referred to as "wind city" because of the frequent howling winds. this is the most beautiful Yadan Landform in the region. When we arrive at the entrance, we will take the shuttle bus, which is shaped like a small train. you can visit the entire Ghost city by shuttle bus. After the visit, we will proceed to Urumqi for overnight stay.
Accommodation: In Urumqi

Urho Ghost City   Urho Ghost City
Urho Ghost City                                                                Urho Ghost City

Day 8   Urumqi  Turpan     (200kms, 3hrs driving)

Morning, Take a delightful drive to Turpan, an important town on the Silk Road. passing by the wind power station which is the largest one in Asia spreading at the foot of Tianshan Mountain. Following glimpse of Salt Lake in Dabancheng. We'll be amazed by the histroical sites and oasis land of Turpan. A must and first visit is the oldest Uighur village Tuyoq Village located in the very center of Flaming Mountain Canyon. It used to be the holy site of Buddhism and Islam. The village consists of four parts: Canyon scenery, Thousand Buddha Caves, Maza tomb and the old buildings of the ancient village. then we will proceed to visit the Bezeklik Grottoes, it has always been the Buddhist Center of Gaochang area, there are 57 existing caves and murals for you to visit. From here you can also enjoy the outlook of Flaming Mountains around the grottoes.
Thereafter, bus transfer to downtown and we will escort you to check in your hotel, Have a good night in Turpan.
Accommodation: In Turpan

Bezeklik Grottoes   Tuyoq Village
Bezeklik Grottoes                                                                     Tuyoq Village

Day 9   TurpanUrumqi    (200kms, 3hrs driving)

After breakfast, we will first head to the Karez Well, which is special kind of irrigation system consisting of vertical wells, underground canals, ground canals and waterlogging pond. here you can not only visit this ancient irrigation system, but also get rid of the heat of summer. Then we will visit The Sugong Minaret, the largest Islamic minaret in China built in 1778 by Sulaiman that is the ruler and leader of Turpan to commemorate and commend his father's achievements of the reunion of Xinjiang. Finally, we are going to Jiaohe Ruins, the essence of Turpan with a long history over 2,000 years. upon arrival, spend couple hours to wander around this ancient city, and pursue the past civilization along the ancient Silk Road. Thereafter, drive back to Urumqi and transfer you to hotel. Upon arrival, we will visit Xinjiang International Bazaar, which is the largest in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine.  
Accommodation: In Urumqi

grape gully   Xinjiang International Bazaar
                       grape gully                                                               Xinjiang International Bazaar

Day 10   Urumqi    

Today you will end your Xinjiang Tour and say goodbye with everyone. We will arrange the airport transfer for you, wish you have a pleasant journey home! if you still want to travel to other parts of Xinjiang or experience a Silk Road tour, we will be very pleased to help you.

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