Overland from Silk Road to Qinghai-Tibet Highway Expedition
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Overland from Silk Road to Qinghai-Tibet Highway Expedition Map
DAY 1  Turgart Border  Kashgar      98kms,1.5hrs driving

Today you will arrive in the Turgart Border between China and Kyrgyzstan. Leading car and your guide will meet you at the border. The car stays at the border and you will be transferred to Kashgar with the Guide (Border to Kashgar about 98 kms)
The best arriving time at the border is before 12:00 noon, as the office will take afternoon rest from 13:00 to 16:00
DAY 2  Kashgar   

Handling temporary license procedures etc.
DAY 3  Kashgar City Tour    
Suggested Attractions :Bazaar/ Idigar Mosque / Apak Hoja Tomb / Old Town / Handicraft Street    

DAY 4  Kashgar  Hotan    506kms,7hrs driving
DAY 5  Hotan Kuqa        738kms, 9hrs driving  

Pass by desert highway
DAY 6  KuqaKorla    295kms,6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Kezir Thousand Buddha Caves/Subas Old Town (Visit on the way)
DAY 7  Korla Turpan       398kms, 6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions :Bosten Lake(Visit on the way) /If time allowed can visit Sugong Minaret/Karez Well
DAY 8 Turpan Hami         480kms,7hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Flaming Mountains/Gaochang Old City/Beziklik Thousand Buddha Caves (Visit on the way)
DAY 9  Hami LiuyuanDunhuang            400kms, 6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Hami King Tombs of Hui ethnic Minority 
DAY 10  Dunhuang Tour         

Suggested Attractions : Echoing Sand Moutain and Crescent Lake/Mogao Grottoes
DAY 11  DunhuangJiayuguan        374kms, 4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Jiayuguan Pass/The Great Wall on the Cliff
DAY 12  Jiayuguan Zhangye               223kms, 2.5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park/Grand Buddha Temple
DAY 13  Zhangye WuweiJingtai             412kms, 4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Leitai Han Tombs/Wen Temple
DAY 14  JingtaiPingliang          456kms,5.5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Area/Xumi Mountain Cave     
DAY 15  Pingliang Xi'an             312kms,4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Terracotta Warriors
DAY 16  Xi'an City Tour

Suggested Attractions : Ancient City Wall/Big Wild Goose Pagoda/Muslim Street
DAY 17  Xi'an  Maiji Mountain           319kms,4hrs driving
DAY 18  Maiji Mountain Wushan          166kms,3hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Gangu Big Elephant Mountain Cave/Wushan Shuilian Caves
DAY 19  Wushan  Xining                 492kms,6.5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Ta'er Temple
DAY 20  Xining Chaka             295kms,5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Qinghai Lake/Chaka Salt Lake
DAY 21  Chaka Germu         472kms, 4-5hrs driving
DAY 22  GermuTuotuoheyanYanshiping(4700m)            507kms,9hrs driving
Day 23  YanshipingNaquNamtso(4378m)               545kms,9.5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Namtso(Zhaxi Island/Nun Temple/Hezhang Stone)             
DAY 24  Namtso Lhasa            240kms, 3hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Yangbajin Onsen
DAY 25 Lhasa City Tour               

Suggested Attractions :  Potala Palace/The Jokhang Temple/Eight Corner Street
DAY 26  Lhasa City Tour  

Suggested Attractions : Drepung Monastery/Sera Monastery/Rob Linka
DAY 27  LhasaGyangzeShigatse        360kms,6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Yamdroktso/Baiju Temple
DAY 28  ShigatseLhatseXegarRongbu Temple           334kms, 7.5hrs driving

Suggested Attractions :  Everest/Tashilhunpo Monastery/Rongbu Temple
DAY 29  Rongbu Temple PekutsoGyirong           284kms, 5.5hrs driving
DAY 30  Gyirong           

Handling with exit procedures
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2-5 persons N $ 3398 $ 2997
6-9 persons N $ 2676 $ 2355
10 persons & above N $ 2377 $ 2317
Single room Supplement N $ 717 $ 597

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