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  • [Kyrgyz Guide] Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide 日期:2013-01-06 13:06:27 点击:182 好评:0

    Kyrgyzstan has its own unique beauty which attracts tourists from all corners of the planet. The uniqueness lies in its extraordinary natural beauty mainly on account of its pristine environment and variety. Only in Kyrgyzstan will you find everything tha...

  • [Kyrgyz Guide] Geography of Kyrgyzstan 日期:2012-09-20 12:14:09 点击:150 好评:0

    Due to its topography the country is very much split into the northern and t southern part. In the north of the country, there are big valleys like the Chui-valley (where the capital Bishkek is situated), and the Talas-valley, as well as the lake Issyk-Ku...

  • [Kyrgyz Guide] People of Kyrgyzstan 日期:2012-09-20 11:41:21 点击:73 好评:0

    Up to date the population of Kyrgyzstan is about 6,000,000. The city dwellers amount to 34.1% of the countrys population, the majority of them lives in Bishkek, the rest part of the population are rural community and breeders-nomads. Such distribution is ...

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