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Xin Liang Hotel

Address:Chunxi Road
Xin liang Hotel is located in the city centre of Chunxi Road commercial circle, adjacent to Tianfu Square, is the best point to exploring Rongcheng.
The design of the hotel was inspired by Bashu (Sichuan) culture, into the elegant and modern charm, just like an oasis in a bustling city.
More than 300 guests room and suits are located on the 8th to 22nd floors of the hotel, from the windows you can see the magnificent scenery.
The basic room size of 32-36 square metres, each room is equipped with entry corridor, sleep area, office area, leisure area, individual bathroom, bar and so on.
The hotel features authentic Sichuan cuisine restaurant and western food restaurant therefore you can enjoy the gourmet journey without leaving the hotel.  Air landscape tea house, with its back green terrace, interprets the authentic Chengdu tea culture.
Last renovation time : 2015
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