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Address: No.433 Binhe Road
City : Nyingchi
Star: 5 Star Hotel
Location: No.433 Binhe Road
Telephone code: 0894-520
Atlas content: V-CONTINENT Hotel is owned by POWERCHINA REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. Holding Tibet Nyingchi Gebawa Industrial CO.,Ltd, The Nyingchi Political, Cultural, and Economic centre, the hotel is adjacent to the Banks of the Nyang River( The Mother River of Nyingchi city), Mountain than day(比日神山 BiRi ShenShan) and the world cypress king garden, it has excellent geographical position, the traffic is quite convenient, about 2 hours drive from Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Basom Lake,Lu Lang Ling Hai scenic spots.
The hotel is equipped with high-rate Chinese restaurant ,Full-time restaurant, Delicacy restaurant and lounge, the Hotel absorb the essence of Tibetan style, and combines the modern, bright plus clear, and simple design and layout, which shows the noble quality and humanity charm.
The hotel has advanced conference and banquet facilities, as well as abundant recreation project, such as gyms , tea houses, chess and cards, and SPA recreation and Sports Centre, it provides relaxing environments for the guests.
Opening time: 2016
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