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Tashi Choe Ta Grand Hotel

Address: No.2 Xueqiang road Sangzhuzi district
Tashi Choe Ta Grand Hotel
City : Shigatse
Star: 4 Star hotel
Telephone number:0892-8830111
Location: No.2 Xueqiang Road, Sangzhuzi District
Atlas content: Tashi Choe Ta Grand Hotel is located in the central business circle of Shigatse, the hotel is adjacent to Zhashelambu Temple, and has convenient traffic and unique environment.
The hotel was invested by Tashi Choe Ta limited liability company, is a collection of business, catering, tourism and sightseeing in one of the Tibetan-style Scenic Hotel.
The hotel has elegant environment and Tibetan cultural characteristics, all the stuff of the hotel will invite the guests with meticulous service and cordially.
Opening time : 2011
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