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Sunworld Hotel

Address:No.88 Dengshikou Street Beijing
Beijing Sunworld Hotel is located in the Wangfujing commercial street, adjacent to the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen and some other historical sites. The hotel, with convenient transportation, is on the same side as the department store. In the hotel, all kinds of rooms are equipped with perfect guest facilities such as central air conditioning, small refrigerators, satellite TV, insurance boxes and so on. In catering, the California hot pot restaurant chooses the quality cattle and sheep of the natural pasture of the Horqin prairie. And the delicious seafood offered by the restaurant are sure tasted good. International food buffet is provided by Cenny Cafe all day. It is an ideal place for guests to taste the special food. The Business center in the hotel provides facsimile, photocopying and Internet services. The Kangle center can meet the needs of sauna, fitness and massage services at any time. The multifunctional banquet hall can accommodate 300 people, and various conference rooms provide weekly and personalized services for festivals, conferences and various business activities.
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