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Skytel Hotel

Address: No. 23 South Avenue Beilin District
Tel: 029-87632222
Skytel Hotel is located in the middle part of south avenue in the centre of the city. It is near the Xi’an Circumvallation and Bell Tower and Drum Tower, by the way it is also adjacent to some large shopping centres such as Centuryginwa and Zhongda International and so on, which is quite convenient.
The clean bright guest rooms are  equipped with central air-conditioning, large screen LCD TV, BALAND mattress, free speed broadband and wireless network. Some rooms are equipped with the advanced fully permeable wet and dry separation design of the bathroom.
You can to a Chinese Restaurant and have appetizing breakfast, in addition, if you like the tranquil atmosphere, you can go to Juhexuan tea art to experience the extensive and profound tea culture.
The hotel also provides muti-functional conference rooms, business centres and suitable for holding various of meetings and activities.
Travel rout charters and pick-up imitate services make you feel sweet.
Last renovation time: 2013
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