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Shanghai River-View Hotel

Address:No.308 Hemgfeng Road Jingan District
Shanghai River-View Hotel is located at Hengfeng Road, Jingan District, Shanghai city, at the exit of Hanzhong Road, both belong to Jingan commercial core area.
The hotel is adjacent to VISA centre (Germany, France,Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungary ),near Hanzhong métro station and the north-south viaduct of inner ring line, it is about 10 minutes drive from Nanjing commercial street, it has strategic location and convenient transportation.
The hotel has more than 100 rooms including guest rooms, restaurants, conference service,leisure and entertainment, which can meet different accommodation requirements.
Moreover the hotel has Chinese restaurant, Café, lobby bar, supermarket, business centre and other facilities, the 7 convention has 7 large, medium and small conference rooms, which can satisfy the guests’ meeting and commercial activities. The conference centre and lobby are equipped with WIFI, it will providing a lot of convenience for guest contract. The hotel reception also provides interpreter of Italian, Spanish and other minor languages to the guests.
Opening time: 2005
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