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King Parkview Hotel

Address:No.55 Dongcheng District Shantan backstreet Beijing
King Parkview Hotel is located in the center of Beijing city and near the Forbidden City, Jingshan Hill Park, Beihai Park, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Shichahai, "Wu Si" street, the Red Mansion of Beijing University, the root of ancient Imperial City Relic Park. You can walk through the ancient Imperial City Relic Park for 10 minutes to reach bustling Beijing Wangfu pedestrian street. Superior geographical locations it is, so that making guests to enjoy the convenience of travel.
An independent courtyard is built in King Parkview Hotel. In the meantime, it is also a characteristic hotel with profound cultural background. There are some cultural relics such as the palace hall of Qianlong period, and architectural relics of the Imperial University of Peking (formerly the Department of mathematics, Beijing University) in this hotel.
Hotel rooms are fully equipped, all rooms can access the Internet 24 hours, and hot and cold water, air conditioning, satellite TV and other necessary room supplies are provided. Our exquisite chinese restaurant provides you with traditional Beijing flavor and most authentic Shandong cuisine. 
At the same time, more than 10 conference rooms are provided, which can undertake various meetings and training activities. Strict professional management team allows you to enjoy a comfortable life and  experience warmful and intimate service.
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