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Hantang Grand Hotle

Address:No. 310 middle road in Yang GuanDunhuang
Dunhuang Hantang grand hotel is a multi-function hotel which integrates tourism, holiday spending and business meeting. It is located at the bustling city center, adjacent to Sha Chou night market, Yiwang International Shopping Plaza and the ticket service center of Mogao Grottoes in the city. The hotel is designed in the style of Han and Tang Dynasty, having a feature of Dunhuang culture. There are 98 rooms with very different styles totally. The room, with reasonable layout, is spacious and comfortable. The central air conditioning, satellite TV, 24 hour hot water, cable, wireless network and other facilities are provided. A series of high-quality services can be offered for guest.
The hotel is fully equipped with a complete large multi-function room. The conference room can accommodate 60---300 people. The Chinese cafeteria and Western restaurant provide you with buffet breakfast, team dinner and various banquets. Cafeteria and chess rooms are for you to relieve the fatigue of the journey!
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