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Asia-Europe Hotel

Address:No.11 Yongchang Southern RoadLanzhouChina
Asia-Europe Hotel: is the Group Minbai luxury hotel, located in Yongchang southern section with silver Road, north of the downtown the gold shopping district - Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street, the center of the Yellow River Scenic Line - Zhongshan Bridge, southfamous scenic spot - Five Spring Mountain Park. Hotel accommodation, catering, conference, travel, shopping, transportation for one-stop service.
The hotel has a gorgeous, unique, elegant and noble, romantic room of more than 130. Meeting rooms with different specifications, can accommodate 30-200 people, can be used for business meetings, special celebrations and other activities. The people of Asia and Europe - Tan government official feast is of Lanzhou first flagship Tanjiacai in goods Hotel, dishes produced followed Tanjiacai the essence of traditional cooking process. About 700 seats, ideal for business dinners, festive feast as well as family and friends gathering. Dining winding paths running water, the promenade through quiet, spacious and comfortable, simple and elegant, flowers, the performance of the cultural style of old Beijing Imperial City in the late early Ming.
The hotel opened on May 1, 2010, has 21 storeys layer, number of rooms 139 (sets).
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