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Zhejiang Grand Hotel

Address:No.75 Beijing West Road,Khotan,Xinjiang,China
Zhejiang Grand Hotel:Xinjiang Wu Investment Co., Ltd. affiliates Zhejiang Grand Hotel is a business hotel built according to the national four-star standard. The hotel is located in the city of Hotan, Xinjiang, Beijing West Road No. 75, only 9 km from Hotan Airport, just a 5-minute drive from the long-distance bus terminal, the traffic is very convenient, is located in a unique high potential prime locations. Integrated hotel is a full-featured operating facilities and services in the city of Hotan. The main hotel building all rooms are equipped with international and domestic direct dial telephone, and bathroom extension. Indoor personal computer jack, electric water heaters and other visitor accommodation facilities for the convenience of guests need. Indoors is also equipped with an electronic safe, mini bar, LCD clock centralized function bed control cabinet, remote control color TV to receive satellite TV channels for free and the rooms are individually controlled central air conditioning system, the bathroom dedicated dry hair and hair dryer.
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