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Yinruiling Hotel

Address:No.160 Jianshe Road,Kashgar,Xinjiang,China
Yinruiling Hotel:Yinruilin International Hotel Kashi Anhui Yinruilin investment, set of rooms, catering, conference, exhibition, entertainment and leisure in one of the large-scale high-end hotel, located in the ancient Silk Road Pearl "," Uygur stylecapital "of the famous international tourist city - the center of the city of Kashgar, building luxurious and elegant surrounding Nanhu Park location and convenient transportation. Yinruilin International Hotel in Kashi construction area of 189,000 square meters, as one of the financial characteristics of Islamic architecture and modern design style, unique, luxurious rooms, business single rooms, executive rooms, deluxe suites, executive suites and presidential suites and other types of rooms; each the catering box 92, 20 large and medium-sized conference room, and there is in Western, Muslim restaurant, coffee shop, executive lounge, shopping centers, performing arts, KTV, chess, gym, sauna, swimming pool, beauty salon, business center, parking field and other supporting facilities, guests travel, tourism, dinner, the ideal choice for leisure, vacation, meeting, exhibition and accommodation.
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