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Yak Hotel Lhasa

Address:No.100 Beijing East Road Chengguan District
Yak Hotel
City : Lhasa
Star : 3 Star Hotel
Location : Beijing East Road, Lhasa city, Central Downtown Area
Telephone number : 0891-6300009
Atlas content : Yak Hotel is located in Beijing east road, Lhasa City, Central Downtown area, It is located 250 metres away from the world-famous Jokhang Temple and Barkhor street, and 1000 metres away from the magnificent Potala Palace, which is quit convenient.
The has more than 100 comfortable guest rooms(suites). The room are equipped with air-conditioner and direct-dialing telephones and providing 24-hour hot water.
As the earliest foreign designated units in Tibet, the hardware facilities and software services of the Ya Hotel are well-known in both region and internationally, you can find the introduction of Yak Hotel easily in many renowned tour guide books and magazines nowadays.
Since the takeover of the powerful Tibetan ShenHu company, in 2004, the management mode and the distribution channels of Ya Hotel were revitalized, and the construction of the hotel has been expanded, with an average of more than 40,000 guests received.
After years of hard work, the hotel was named "Best hotel in Lhasa" by Lhasa Tourism Bureau, and joined the "China Best Tourist Hotel Membership Unit" in November 2007 by the China Forum Organizing to award the"China Best Tourist Guest Hall" title.
Last renovation time :2007
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