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Xinde Hotel

Address:Opposite to TV station, Keziduwei Road,Kashgar,Xinjiang,China
 Xinde Hotel: New Delhi real estate companies to invest in the construction of a comprehensive hotel. The hotel is located in the prosperous area of the city of Kashgar, located at the the Kirghiz are Wei Lunan side opposite the regional television station, convenient transportation. The 15-storey hotel, with an area of over 12 thousand square meters, beautifully decorated all kinds of luxury business suites, business single rooms and standard rooms. Rooms are warm, elegant and comfortable, room 10 trillion fiber access, central air conditioning, well-equipped facilities. The hotel has a dining boxes and multi-function hall can accommodate 300 people dining. The hotel KTV entertainment clubs luxurious first-class acoustics; addition to the creation of chess and other services and entertainment facilities, fully supporting the project, to meet the needs of all types of guests. The hotel has a total staff: 65; managers a total of 10 people including the head of each department manager. Some employees have participated in the system of professional hotel service training.
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