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Thangka Hotel

Address:No.38 Yutuo Road
Thangka Hotel
City : Lhasa
Location :No. 38 Yu Tuo Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa
Star :  4 Star Hotel
Telephone number: 0891-6308866
Atlas content: The Tangka hotel is nearby Jokhang Temple, just one foot away from the Jokhang Temple and it is also located about 10 minutes away from the Potala Palace and has convenient transportation.
The theme of the hotel is Tibetan culture. The hall has Thangka hand-painted area, the floor passageway is decorated with Thangka hanging decoration, which is shows the rich connotation of Tibetan culture.
There are more than 100 guests rooms in 4th floor of the hotel, of which 78 rooms have diffuse oxygen supply, and the Potala palace can be viewed from Superior view room
Hotel guests room have long distance telephone, satellite TV, fibre optical network, room independent WIFI, independent safe and so on facilities.
Hotel cooking exquisite Tibetan food, Western food, Chinese food. It provides you with fast and thoughtful service, to make you feel warm and comfortable.
Last renovation time:2017
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