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Qinghai Hotel

Address:No.158 Huanghe RoadChengxi DistrictXining
Tel:0971-6148991 6148999
Located in the center of Xining with convenient transportation, the main building of Qinghai hotel is 78 meters high and the total area of the building is 42600 m², which is the most modern building in Qinghai province. The hotel is one of the most ideal places for tourism, conferences and business activities in Xining.
With all kinds of suites, standard rooms, central air conditioning, audio, satellite TV reception, international and domestic direct dial telephone, the hotel will make you feel warmth and comfortable. There are 12 different styles of restaurants, which can accommodate 1500 people to eat at the same time. Chinese and Western flavor food, a variety of North and South cuisine are provided, which also can hold a variety of Chinese and Western banquets and wine meetings. All of this will give guest a spirit of exhilaration, physical and mental pleasure. The pursuit of personalized service, so that guest can enjoy the relief and happiness of business travel.
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