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Qiaomu Langzong Hotel

Address:Shanghai Zhong road Sangzhuzi District
Qiaomu Langzong Hotel
City: Shigatse
Star : 5 star hotel
Telephone number: 0892-8666333
Location : Shanghai Zhong road, Sangzhuzi District
Atlas content: The hotel is located in the Shanghai Zhong Road, it can be easily to walk to the Zashbulun (the Temple where the Master Panchen live in), and it is also close to the Train Station and Shigatse Peace Aeroport.
This is a high-ranking hotel with the theme of Tibet culture, incorporating the main natural scenery and cultural connotations of 18 cities. The ten-metre high lobby of hotel is elegant and imposing.
The combination of Tibetan culture elements and modern fashion will bring you more than 100 unique sunshine star room, Post-Tibetan culture room, Tea-culture Theme and the highest altitude Presidential suite.
There is the oxygen supply and the emergency call system in the guest rooms,which allows you safely and comfortably to help you to get through the altitude sickness and Relax your mind and body.
In addition, the hotel have luxurious multi-fuction viewing room, Sunshine Cafe and Tea house and more than 200 guests can be served.  
Opening time: 2014
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