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Intercontinental Hotel

Tel: No.1 Jiangsu Avenue Lhasa
Intercontinental Hotel
City : Lhasa
Location: No.1 Jiangsu Avenue, Lhasa
Star : 5 star hotel
Telephone code: 0891-6569999
Atlas content: the hotel is located on the Jiangsu avenue of Lhasa Chengguan district, near the Lhasa Municipal government and Lhasa river, 7 metres away from Potala palace, and about 15 minutes drive from the city centre.
The hotel perfect into the holy snow-cowered plateau splendid scenery,  wonderful interpretation of Tibetan customs.
The design of the hotel is quite tension plus the unique architecture style make it a new landmark of Lhasa , the building is totally about 22,0000 square metres, which is also shows the hotel extraordinary taste, the rooms are luxurious, comfortable, spacious and bright, well-equipped and high quality bed, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lhasa Plateau Valley and Himalayas in the house.
Here are some first-rate delicacy and sincere hospitality to bring you some deep and profound revering experience.
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